Japanese Girl in ValenTine’s High Skirt in Harajuku

This cute 18-year-old Japanese girl – photographed in Harajuku – is being featured on Tokyo Fashion for the second time. Last time, she was wearing a cute Cotton Candy skirt! This time, she’s wearing a tiered skirt from the brand ValenTine’s High along with a double breasted wool jacket, a plaid top, a knit bonbon beret from Ozoc, a backpack with a cute Suzy’s Zoo character dangling from it, black stocking, and Dr. Martens boots. Like last time, she told us that her favorite fashion brand is Cotton Candy & she still likes to listen to Yuki and Judy & Mary.

Japanese Girl in ValenTine's High Skirt

Double Breasted Jacket

Backpack & Knit Beret in Harajuku

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  2. Loretta London

    This girl has great style. The jacket is chic, but functional. The skirt is fun. Everything works. I would love to go shopping with you, Mayu!

  3. girl’s stuff is ok but take a look at ladies walking behind her…old lady at second photo! she wears such a great jeans…cool