Shiro-Nuri Minori In Floral Coat, Chiffon Dress & Bow Shoes

Japanese Shiro-Nuri artist Minori can never go unnoticed when she’s wandering around Harajuku. You’ve seen her on our site numerous times, including the “Her Memories of a Dream” pictorial at the end of last year. Once again, she agreed to pose for us, and she told us that everything she’s wearing is handmade and/or vintage-remake.

Minori looks ethereal in gray hair, green contacts and eyelashes. She’s wearing a layered outfit, with a floral coat over a white maxi dress and a faux-fur collar tied with a lace bow. She has an accessory in her hair, a round pin on the chest, white gloves, Lolita shoes and a black bag.

For more information on Minori, check out her official website or follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

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  1. Her lashes/contacts/makeup look absolutely phenomenal!

  2. peachysakuratea

    She looks incredible!!!! From her fashion to her make up :0 I envy her!
    thank you for taking pictures of her!! x

  3. another amazing outfit from minori ~ i’d love to see how she does her hair & makeup.

  4. I love how she’s totally not afraid to express herself and just be who she is!

  5. Stunning. Does she have a blog or fan site? Her artistry is amazing!

  6. totally cute! but I can’t help but wonder how she dresses when she’s by herself… i can’t be the only one

  7. looks like she burned the edges of a wig to create the aged and dusty effect. thats what synthetic looks like when it burns. very cool idea! so creative

  8. U look so Magnificent you look like A beautiful portrait

  9. what a beautiful girl. it looks very impressive *О*