Shironuri Artist Minori in Harajuku w/ Antique Dress & Flower Petals

This is Japanese shironuri artist Minori. Many of you will likely recognize her from her video with Kyary or from our recent photoshoot and interview.

Minori is wearing all antique/vintage fashion, much of which she has customized herself. Some of her accessories are handmade as well.

Minori told us that one of her favorite designers is Alice Auaa. If you’d like to know more about Minori, please check out her official website, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Note: These snaps were taken a few months ago, but are being published for the first time now.

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  1. Awesome! Her attention to detail leaves me speechless O_O

  2. “… in the chaos of the crowd I can see beauty.” Maybe the colours of wild birds, the colours of sweet flowers or simply, MInori <3

  3. very inspiring as always!!! I love Minori style! shironuri is so cute on her! thank you!

  4. Victoria Moore

    I absolutely love her. She’s so beautiful and inspiring.

  5. I love it, this is art to me she’s so cute :D. I like people who are not afraid of wearing things they like & I love her bag & bracelet and the colors.

    Here in the Netherlands the clothes are so boooring and when you wear some weirder shoes like really high creepers or another thing thats weird for the people here you get comments like: wtf is this shit, Spice girls time is over blabla bullshit like that -__- so annoying.

    Keep it up girl!

  6. oooo my god she’s soo beautiful it must take FOREVER to do her makeup my god sooo beautiful!!! i’m speechless :O