Shiroma 2012 S/S Collection

The 2012 S/S edition of Japan Fashion Week (aka Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) in Tokyo is under way! Several times each day,’s contributors are reporting back from runway shows and events all over town. Be sure to check out all of our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo coverage.

On Wednesday, October 19th, Japanese label Shiroma showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Tokyo Midtown.

Shiho Shiroma was born in 1981. Before setting up her own label in 2007, Shiroma was involved in fashion design and licensing for a big corporation. The first Shiroma collection launched in 2010 S/S. Though a young brand, Shiroma has already garnered overseas fans. Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas prominently wears a Shiroma blue geometric-dyed leather jacket in the music video for “Just Can’t Get Enough”.

The Shiroma 2012 S/S Collection show at Japan Fashion Week featured creatively cut outfits with quite a bit of draping and layering. Many of the fabrics were covered in graphic patterns and the overall show had somewhat of a science fiction/futuristic feel to it (based mostly on the ambitious cutting). The colors were muted for the most part. This was a collection where the clothing had a lot of subtle detail. You’d benefit from spending time looking at the pictures (or the items in person), rather than just watching them zoom by on the runway.

Please click the Shiroma 2012 S/S images to check out full sized versions of all of the pictures for yourself.

Shiroma 2012 Spring/Summer

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  1. Lovely ~
    It seems to be simple and girly.
    Its hard to put into words, but it’s a beautiful collection.

  2. Again with the nipple shows! :P oh well, I do adore this collection however, this designer really knows how to work the fabric! She is a really great designer and I hope 2 see more stunning pieces! :)

  3. I want this stuff! XD If there was one thing I didn’t like, it’d be the prints, but the whole baggy clothes thing ROCKS. LOVE ITTT!!!!!