Shojono Tomo Art & Fashion Show at Edo-Tokyo Museum

Shojono Tomo is a Japanese artist who is perhaps best know for creating colorful kawaii fashion worn by Japanese celebrities like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and international stars including Nicki Minaj. We see people sporting her manga-illustrated tote bags and tights around Harajuku on a regular basis, and her accessory line is stocked by the hip boutique Avantgarde Harajuku. But Shojono Tomo considers herself and artist first, with clothing being her preferred canvas.

At the end of April, Shojono Tomo presented a fashion show and live art event at the famous Edo-Tokyo Museum. The event featured a number of pieces from her ongoing “Skinship” project, along with other retrospective pieces and a live painting event.

Shojono Tomo Show at Edo-Tokyo Museum

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The concept of the artist’s “Skinship” works is to create clothing meant to be worn by two people at the same time. Her “Skinship” t-shirts are worn by two people side by side. The people are forced to have skin-to-skin contact with each other while wearing the garments, thereby forcing closeness between the wearers. You can see examples of several of her most well known Skinship pieces in the video.

At the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Shojono Tomo joined her models on stage and painted a new Skinship t-shirt, which was worn by a bride and groom in a wedding ceremony that closed out the show.

For more information on Shojono Tomo and her artwork, check out the following links:

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  1. I love her creativity and use of bold bright colors a woman after my own heart!
    She is always so talented!! Lovely Art Show and Fashion Show…Art and Fashion definately are a marriage and it was nice how she represented that with a Ceremony on Stage… Art and Fashion Marrying <3
    wonderful!! BRAVO shojono xoxo Sugar