Space Print, Tattoo Tights, Namaiki Bag & Nadia Harajuku Creepers

This is Yuri. She’s a 17-year-old student with a graphic look that caught our eye.

She’s wearing a space-print t-shirt she bought in Korea with AvantGarde x Choco Moo tattoo tights and a light resale bomber jacket. Her tote features a “King of Hamburgers” design from Harajuku hamburger-lover Ayumi Seto’s brand Namaiki. Yuri’s creepers are from Nadia and her ghost necklace is from Spinns.

We asked Yuri about her favorites, and she told us she likes shopping at Nadia and listening to Yui and Sekai no Owari. You can find more about her on Twitter.

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  1. Oh my.. she’s gorgeous. I noticed her face more than her outfit! And I loveee SEKAI NO OWARI too!! hehe

  2. Wow, I love her shoes and her tights! She is a very pretty girl