Spinns Staffer Seira’s Maxi Skirt & Leather Corset

Seira is a 23-year-old Spinns Harajuku staffer. She’s also fan of Tokyo’s dolly kei & vintage shop Grimoire Shibuya. Seira’s wearing a smocked print top with a lace collar and cuffs and a striped maxi skirt, both from used clothing stores. Her belt is a vintage-style leather corset and she’s carrying a vintage tapestry purse.

Seira’s accessories include a large crucifix choker that she made herself and a dainty silver ring. Her vintage-style laceup boots are from En-code.

When we asked Seira about her preferences she said her favorite store is Grimoire and her favorite music is electronic and house.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Its all lovely . I like her shoes – lots of use & worn allot look.

  2. Her cloths and accessoires look so much like an European folk outfit. But it’s a great combination.

  3. Dreaded Queen

    I like this alot. It’s very vintage and nicely put together .

  4. I can’t stop looking this outfit is out of control in the best way

  5. Love this look. One case showing a maxi skirt increasing height

  6. FurikoMaru

    I can’t get over this look! She’s so sensible-looking and well put-together, but still so whimsical and over-the-top. She’s like a mysterious governess in a Miyazaki movie.