Stylish Harajuku Couple w/ Hats in Julius, Avan Trance & Limi Feu

Dressed in black and white, Harajuku couple Aran and Hiromi couldn’t be more stylish! Both of them are 20 and were wearing cool hats when we snapped their picture. We’ve street snapped Aran many times before (as recently as August), and Hiromi isn’t new to the site either.

Aran works at Rinkan and he is wearing a crisp white shirt with bottoms and coat from Avan Trance. He is carrying a Trussardi bag, while his boots are Julius. He had some stunning jewelry on: earrings and pierces, a statement necklace with tiger heads, as well as chunky rings, and he told us he got them at Mawi and Juun.J. Aran’s favorite shopping destinations are the Tokyo select stores blxxkk, LHP and Rinkan. You can find him on Twitter, under the handle @xxx_aran.

Hiromi is a beauty school student, with blonde short hair. She is wearing a Limi Feu white blouse with crossed straps. The leather skirt underneath is a resale, and so is her clutch. Hiromi is wearing Tokyo Bopper rocking horse shoes with ankle straps, paired with patterned tights. She mentioned that her beret is CA4LA and her charm bracelet is by Linco. Her favorite places to shop are Limi Feu and Sister, the Shibuya select shop. Find her on Twitter to learn more about Hiromi.

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  1. His hat reminds me of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.

    Anyway, he’s always very stylish… like it very much ^^

  2. Very stylish couple! I want his hat and ring *__*

  3. Jay Naethan

    I love both their looks the guys look is ny fav

  4. them tights!!!!!!! i have an obsession with super cute tights and i want those!! :O

  5. Dreaded Queen

    So happy to see a couple holding hands. The woman looks chic and loving her tights