Stylish Tokyo Couple w/ Ann Demeulemeester, Trussardi & Mawi Jewelry

Both Aran and Hiromi have been featured more than once on our site, individually and together. We met the stylish couple again in Shinjuku recently. Both of them are 20, and while Aran works in apparel, Hiromi is a beauty college student.

Aran is wearing a long, white shirt with black, over the knee Avan Trance shorts. His black coat is Ann Demeulemeester and his studded bag is Trussardi. We couldn’t help noticing his beautiful statement necklace and his pierced ears, and he told us his accessories are from Mawi. Aran hung his round sunglasses to his shirt, and wore ankle boots from Julius with this outfit. For shopping, his favorite place is Rinkan, and for music, he likes the South Korean band from Big Bang. Aran also gave us his Twitter, in case you want to follow him.

Hiromi is wearing an H&M dress with a Jerry Ribbon trench coat on top, black tights and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Her oversized clutch is Goocy and her accessories, like Aran’s, are from Mawi: a chunky necklace and golden earrings. Hiromi told us her favorite brand is Limi Feu, and that Tokyo Incidents is her favorite band. On twitter, you can find her as @romi0425.

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