You probably already known Minami a.k.a 373 – we’ve photographed her ourselves many times! Here she is a year ago, and this spring. This time, however, she has a whole new look, with short, dark hair. You might also know her as a staffer from the popular Harajuku footwear shop, Tokyo Bopper.

Minami is wearing a distressed oversized Nozomi Ishiguro sweater over a hoodie. Her jewelry includes crochet earrings and a matching geometrical necklace. She’s got knee-length striped socks paired with her bright yellow lace-up ankle boots with petal details, from Tokyo Bopper.

Minami/373 is on Twitter here.

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  1. She looked the best on the spring picture :// i dont like her new style and especially hair

  2. I love love love the sweater! >.< And her hair is really cute too! The only thing I don't like is the shoes, but they do add a pop of color so not so bad.

  3. She looks so beautiful with her new hair! Very positive change in my opinion, she’s lovely!

  4. BungeeGam

    unique face…love the knitted tops and the socks