Tokyo Bopper’s Minami in Leather Dress, Torn Tights & Platform Booties

Minami from Tokyo Bopper is someone we see around the streets of Harajuku often. Her style has changed dramatically in the last few years, but she’s always striking (here’s Minami in 2011 and 2012). She now has short blond hair and cat eye make-up.

Minami is wearing a faux-leather dress over a white tee, with a resale jacket tied at the waist. We also noticed her choker, leather cuff, the colorful statement necklace and her torn tights. She told us that some of her accessories are from Dog Harajuku. Minami’s black leather platform booties are from Belly Button by Tokyo Bopper.

As you can probably guess, her favorite place to shop is Tokyo Bopper. Minami also gave us her Twitter and Instagram, if you want to look her up.

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  1. Wow, Minami looks so different from before.
    I do prefer long-haired girls, but I have to say, she looks way more striking with this haircut. Before, when she had the long blonde hair, she looked more like a lot of girls you see in Harajuku and she didn’t really catch my attention. But now she looks great and she stands out!

  2. The way she combines all the textures and silhouettes creates such a unique look

  3. On another note, I love this hair on her! And this new makeup she’s sporting makes her features reaaaally stand out. She looks like a model

  4. I love this look much better than 2011 &2012 its much more unique and different .I love how she combines the black’s and whites of her outfit with the bright colours of her necklace it really makes a statement.I actually love her hair i wish i had the guts to go out with hair like that :D

  5. I can’t believe this is Minami!! She’s changed so much! Her style doesn’t inspire me anymore (I like a more dolly look for myself) but she looks really hot now, her new hair fits her so well, I’m fangirling!

  6. Dreaded_Queen

    Wow Minami stepped her game up and looks just like a model !! Great hair and look. It’s so edgy and suits her well .

  7. She has a cat-face, i love it. She has a mouth like this :3, that’s really cute with her make-up ! She looks so positive, even with a “punk” style ! not that a punk-style is negative, but… she has a bright aura :D
    And her skin is so pale and perfect.

  8. Normally not a fan of this style, but leave it to Minami to pull it off – wow.

  9. iiBlushyx3

    I like her outfit! But what I don’t like on the outfit is that necklace. It’s cute and all but it sort of ruins the outfit by attracting some of the attention away. And it doesn’t match. I guess she just really liked the necklace and couldn’t help but to wear it.

  10. I like her outfit lots (except for the leather-.-) ;P