Tokyo Bopper Minami in Knit Top, Tulle Skirt, Pink Bloomers & Pink-bow Platforms

Here is the always-awesome Minami from one of Harajuku’s most famous footwear shops, Tokyo Bopper. Like the rest of the Tokyo Bopper family, we see Minami frequently around the streets of Harajuku. Whenever we spot her, we find ourselves impressed by Minami’s creative and cheerful sense of personal style.

Minami’s outfit features an decorated oversized knit sweater from Southpaw along with a very full white tulle skirt, pink bloomers, cool layered knit leggings (or leg warmers?), and pink platform shoes from Belly Button (one of the Tokyo Bopper brands) with cute bows. Her accessories – some of which were given to her as a gift by a friend named “Nami-chan” – include Kiki and Lala hair clips, various pins, a bag of buttons, lace, pompoms, a knit scarf, mittens, cute toys, and a teddy bear on a swing. Her purse choice is a tiered-and-distressed canvas bag with various backstage passes attached.

Minami told us that her favorite Tokyo shops include Mouse and Barrack Room.

Click on any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    She looks like an anime character. Very cute and seeing the bloomers adds to the effect. Walking art!