Tokyo Girls Collection Street Snaps 2012 S/S

Tokyo Girls Collection is the biggest – and by far the most famous – of all of the growing number of events in Japan that combine hip fashion shows with concerts from popular musical groups. We’ve been covering Tokyo Girls Collection for years, yet its popularity never ceases to amaze. The most recent TGC event, the 2012 Spring/Summer edition, drew over 25,000 excited fashion fans to Yokohama Arena in early March.

Attending Tokyo Girls Collection is a fantastic way to keep an eye on the latest seasonal street fashion trends in Japan. Besides the fashion shows from many of the hippest Japanese “real clothing” brands, the event brings together 25,000 fashion conscious young women. If you want to see what stylish Japanese girls are wearing on the streets of Tokyo, it would be hard to imagine a better place to be than Tokyo Girls Collection.

With that in mind, we spent some time street-snapping Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2012 attendees so that we could share their looks with you. These are not models (although some of them certainly could be), these are real Tokyo girls. We brought back 100 pictures of more than 70 people. It’s not 25,000, but it should give you an idea of current street trends. We definitely see denim trending, and there was a lot of tan/beige. Please let us know what trends you see coming for Spring in the comments at the bottom of the article.

As always, you can click any of the Tokyo Girls Collection street snaps to see them in high resolution. Also, don’t miss our report on the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion shows, and our upcoming report on the live music acts.

Click any of the Tokyo Girls Collection street snaps to enlarge them.

Check out report on the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion shows. We will be posting a report on the concerts at the event soon as well!

For information on when the next Tokyo Girls Collection will be held, check the official website (in Japanese).

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  1. I really love those 2 cool and awesome looking guys popping in a girls street fashion post. XD

  2. So many pretty people and awesome outfits! Perfect examples of why my toddler prefers to start her day(everyday)by viewing your site while she drinks her orange juice. :) Love it.

  3. I love picture no. 1. The red skirt in combination with the striped top is just perfect. And teh feather…Just perfec. Love it especially cause I work as look-scout :) Wonderful pics!!

  4. Some really great pics!!!! Some of the best yet :)

  5. I love all of these outfit snaps! This looks like such an amazing event.

    also, Khaki trench coats seem to be really IN in Japan right now, by looking at all the photos

  6. hi…i love all the snaps….looks very great!!! n tis event is really special…

  7. Dreaded Queen

    So many great looks. But the batman sweater has to be my fav!

  8. In love with this.
    I love the man with the Gucci scarf, with the blazer to match, fucking flawless.
    The girl in the goth-lolita dress was also very cute. :3

  9. Mini belts, pleated skirts, and leather bags also seem to be trendy.

  10. Yeah, beige and pastel colors, open toed shoes, dotty and white tights and wavy hair with bangs, allover some vintage feeling – totally awesome!

  11. Anushkajan

    It seems to me that patterned stockings are really in fashion now. They were popular before but they’re really blowing up now! And the street snap outfits to be honest were way better than the fashion show ones :( Honest opinion.

  12. Do you know there the cute batman logo jumper is from??? I know someone who would look perfect in one. Can any help me locate it?

  13. wow almost all the girls could pass up as models imo <3 thanks for bringing these wonderful styles to us ^_^

  14. 愛子 ちゃんちゃん

    はい、そ かわいい!!(^o^)(^o^)

  15. Lady Starlight

    On picture 66, the girl on the left looks like a much older Japanese version of Miranda Cosgrove!

  16. Lady Starlight

    So many trench coats!! And almost all of them are beige!

  17. Love this post! I wish u guys would post more of this kind of fashion, cuz even though I love the wild harajuku fashion, I along with most people would probably never wear it. But these outfits are great and totally wearable. I would certainly love to wear almost every outfit here.

  18. WTH! I love Japan so much, damn! They are soooooo cute n cool!! I love Japanese style too…their wardrobe are so cute, >< I waaaaant

  19. I LOVE most of their shoes and stockings! They had such nice coats too, got a lot of inspiration about cute hair styles as well. :D

  20. rbkdelron

    I dont have any friend who likes to drees like me on the street , this people come in pairs so cute :3

  21. Elizaveta

    Ive seen 3 trends: 1) Headbows
    2) Trench coats
    3) Leather bootie
    4) Printed tights

  22. the guy with the black leather gloves looks totally cool~!!!
    and the girls are all cute~~!! maaan, wish i can wear coats here in my country.. damn tropical climate.. :| so jelly with the overcoats..

  23. Princess Paris

    They’re cuteeeeeeeeee..if I ever come to Japan someday and I meet them,I’d ask them to take a pic with me!! They very much look like manga :D

  24. Those girls really know how to rock tights and stockings. British girls could learn much from them.

  25. paul goeltz

    thanks reminds me of my time there 79-82, nothing has changed, and that area is just so cool and the streets, club, bar, wild…