Wagado, Itazura & Nesin Harajuku “Psychic Party 4” Fashion Snaps

Part of being the fashion capital of Japan means that Tokyo is home to Japan’s top fashion colleges. To kick off the summer season here, underground Tokyo boutiques Itazura/Wagado/Nesin produced a party just for students of Bunka Fashion College, Mode Gakuen, Vantan, Sugino, and other Japanese fashion schools.

The concept behind the recent “Psychic Party 4” was to bring together new students from Tokyo’s major fashion schools so that they could enjoy a fashion-friendly environment, listen to music, make friends, and hopefully build long lasting connections with other future members of the Japanese fashion industry. Being successful in the fashion business (like most businesses) is not just about being talented, but also about making connections that can help you reach your goals. Itazura/Nesin/Wagado are doing their part to try to help these young Japanese fashion students make those critical connections – all the while having fun!

The summer Psychic Party – produced in collaboration with PASTEL*BOYZ – was held at at Fai Aoyama and featured numerous DJs from the Japanese street fashion scene on two floors. We were only able to stop by for a few hours (the full event lasted seven hours), but we brought back some snaps of the fashion on display at the party to share with you.

If you’d like to know more about Itazura, Nesin, Wagado, and the other related shops, stay tuned, because we have several features on these shops coming up soon. In the meantime, check the official websites of all three!

A big Thank You to the crew of Itazura/Wagado/Nesin for inviting us to the party! Enjoy the pictures.

Wagado, Itazura & Nesin Harajuku “Psychic Party” Fashion Snaps

Click on any of the Psychic Party fashion snaps to enlarge them.

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