X-Girl Japan 15th Anniversary Bearbricks

Posted on 18 Jan. 2009
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Walking in Harajuku recently, I noticed that there is a new window display in one of the window boxes out in front of LaForet Harajuku. X-girl Japan has taken over the window with a display promoting some limited edition 15th Anniversary MediCom Toy Bearbrick figures.

X-Girl LaForet [email protected] Display
X-Girl LaForet Bearbricks

The X-girl Bearbricks will be released on January 31, 2009 in two colors and two sizes – the usual small 100% [email protected] size and the large 400% [email protected] size. The colors will be pink zebra / camouflage and green zebra / camouflage.

Pink Zebra / Camouflage X-Girl Bearbricks
X-Girl 15th Anniversary BE@RBRICK

Green Zebra / Camouflage X-Girl Bearbricks
X-Girl 15th Anniversary Bearbrick

As mentioned, these figures are already being promoted in front of one of the coolest fashion department stores in all of Japan (if not in the world), and they don’t go on sale until the end of the month. I have no idea how fast they will sell out. X-girl is a girls clothing store (as the name would imply), and I don’t know too many female toy collectors (compared to the number of guys who collect), so who knows what that means as far as who will be buying these. Anyways, you’ve been alerted.

Check out bigger pictures at the Tokyo Fashion Flickr page.

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