While walking in Shibuya this weekend, we stumbled upon some girls doing street promotion for a company that makes cute bandages for fashion conscious Japanese girls. If you’re a kawaii-obsessed Japanese girl, and you scrape your knee, you don’t want to wear a boring bandage like the Tokyo salarymen are wearing, right? If you use Doki Doki Bandage, you can be bandaged and cute.

Cute Japanese Bandage Girls

The brochure that the girls were handing out says “Doki Doki Bandage” on the front along with a pink heart and pictures of cute Japanese girls wearing the Doki Doki bandages.

Cute Bandages from Japan

The brochure proclaims these bandages as “Oshare de Bandage” – meaning that they are fashionable bandages. On the back of the brochure, it shows pictures of more girls wearing the bandages on injuries on various parts of their bodies – from the finger to the wrist to the thigh.

Cute Japanese Bandages

Inside, you can also see some of the different patterns and colors that the bandages are offered in – smiley faces, bumble bees, hearts, flowers, cars, dinosaurs, and all sorts of tiger stripes and bright color combinations. The prices are also listed inside – the bandages cost anywhere from 500-1200 yen per roll (about US$5-US$12).


  1. LOL, I love how they all have it on their wrist.

  2. Laceface

    I so want the dino one…where can I order these?

  3. tokyo

    I was in Tokyu Hands in Shibuya this week and they are selling the bandages there! I just checked the website for Tokyu Hands and they have those bandages right on the front page of the site too.

  4. I am inlove with the one in first picture !!! LOL

  5. They looked so cute wearing those bandages. I want one of those. where can I order one of thos?

  6. Bianca Devon

    They’re lovely :D I’d love, I’d really, really love to go to Tokyo but my mum doesn’t want too and I have to keep my money for the University but If I could I’d go to Tokyo right now and stay there forever lol.

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