6%DOKIDOKI Vani’s Kawaii Pink Hairstyle & Candy-Colored Fashion

Here’s someone that most of you already know – it’s Vani, the famous-in-Harajuku 6%DOKIDOKI shop girl!

If Vani was a video game character, her special power would be stunning people with the awesomeness of her hairstyle. Besides the bright pink hair and makeup, Vani is wearing 6%DOKIDOKI head to almost-toe – including a polka-dot Japanese flag top, a multi-colored tulle skirt, fishnets with purple and yellow over-the-knee socks, and platform Converse sneakers. She didn’t tell us where she got the sneakers, but Nadia is one possibility. Vani’s 6%DOKIDOKI accessories include multiple glittery hair bows, a shooting stars clip, a large mushroom necklace, a choker, a hearts necklace, and a Might Harajuku pin.

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Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I’m sorry, but she scares the crap out of me. Although I like the shoes and the necklace with the mushroom.

  2. I love Vani to bits, pure originality and style to boot! would love to meet the 6% girls! <3

  3. i love your purple & yellow tights—see “motley” on wikipedia—do your entire outfit that way—it is a classic style that has been forgotten :-)

  4. vani!! i always love it when you guys at TokyoFashion get her int he street snaps. her style is absolutely lovely! :3 so original and something i love to look at <3

  5. that’s really cool. the colours are so bright and attractive. love her style ;)

  6. Her clothes are always cute. But I wish she did her eyebrows differently. If they weren’t downturned, she could have a sweeter look. Now, she does look a bit scary ^^;

  7. Really love the skirt (so sweet!) and the colorful socks underneath fishnet stockings. I always love how Vani looks except for her bangs and now the tiny eyebrows (the brows also remind me of the one character on Blue Exorcist aka Ao no Exorcist).

  8. i’ve always wanted this 6% dokidoki tutu!!! ;____; 6% Dokidoki’s style really brings a hint of happiness and nostalgia to me!

  9. How can you not love Vani and 6%Doki Doki they just feel me with energy when you see there outfits! :3

  10. I love this one! Her hair style is just great :D

  11. Is her fringe part real? It loks a little low down to me. I love her outfit and makeup, though.

  12. She is so original and imo iconic, I mean I know it’s Vani instantly whenever I see her pic! I feel sad for the people calling her scary, they need to be more open minded.

    Her hair bows are especially darling! I luckily got a Mighty Harajuku pin from my friend, better start wearing it!

  13. bit too colorful for my taste, but i want those shoes

  14. Aryia Rae

    Um….where are her real eyebrows? Anyways, I love how colorful her outfit is! It’s definitely cute.

  15. She has totally cool outfit I’m in love with that skirt *_* but I’m not sure about hair cut (not color) and eyebrows.Well, of course it is not my business, her choice :)

  16. where are your eyebrows, girl? D:
    love the multicoloured hair though ~

  17. ……….. I’m in love, absolutely amazing style, she looks perfect!! <3
    Its too bad that more people can't be as opened minded..