Cat Ears, Pink Hair, Flowers, Hello Kitty & Angelic Pretty in Harajuku

Here’s Monta, a frequent Harajuku Fashion Walk participant (the Pop N Cute Halloween Party will be Sunday October 21, 2012, btw) who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. Monta is 19 years old. She told us that she’s both an idol and a dental assistant.

Monta is wearing a supercute decora-friendly outfit featuring a sheer robe from New York Joe Exchange over a dress from Kinji, ruffle socks, and Hello Kitty shoes from Melon. This outfit is all about the accessories, and those – some of which came from 6%DOKIDOKI – include cat ears, hair bows & bells, a flower covered mask, a moon necklace, a chain necklace, candy and flower hair clips, lots of cute bracelets and rings, and a cute plush Lovelitchi by Tamagotchi character (with bows that match Monta’s hair bows) worn as a necklace. Monta’s bags include a winged backpack she remade herself and an Angelic Pretty heart bag.

If you’d like to know more about Monta and her life as an idol, you should follow her on Twitter! She will also likely be at the Pop N Cute Halloween Party if you want to meet her.

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  1. She looks like an Anime character, so beautiful! Love her angelic outfit!!

  2. Nicole *nicoru-chan*

    Woww so cute!!! :3 one of my favorite outfits that I have seen here!! :D
    Great photos!!!<3

  3. Finally I get to know this beautiful girl’s name *A*

  4. She looks like she spent alot of time putting everything together,, i LOVE the bracelets&& hair<3