Colorful Sweater, Leather Jacket & Murua Platforms in Harajuku

You may remember Mika: she’s a friendly English-speaking J-Pop singer who we’ve snapped previously here and here. When we met Mika in Harajuku, she was wearing a fun, colorful sweater with a side ponytail.

Mika bought her sweater in Korea, and she paired it with a resale leather jacket and Sly shorts. She is also wearing an Egyptian pendant necklace, an oversized rose ring and safety pin earrings. She told us she her jewelry came from the Harajuku boutique Pin Nap and from her own handmade label, 3croland. Her platform boots are from Murua.

Mika told us that she likes shopping at Pin Nap and Bubbles, and that she listens to 2NE1 as well as J-Pop. Check out Mika on Twitter as well!

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  1. The hair is amazing! That color… love it!
    The rose ring caught my eye immediately
    oh, and the Egyptian pendant gives her a mystic look which I really like ;)

  2. I want those nails! I love her sweater :)
    Why does everyone have that necklace? xD

  3. ますみ

    I love this look and the side ponytail is adorable!
    The outfit wouldn’t look as amazing if her ponytail was straight
    and her hair looks so well taken care of! I see a lot of people
    with these type of jewelry but she managed to use it properly
    to create a unique outfit! Love-it!
    Well thought out!