Etw.Vonneguet 2012 S/S Collection

The 2012 S/S edition of Japan Fashion Week (aka Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) in Tokyo is under way! Several times each day,’s contributors are reporting back from runway shows and events all over town. Be sure to check out all of our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo coverage.

On Tuesday, October 18th, label Etw.Vonneguet showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Gallery Conceal Shibuya.

Etw.Vonneguet creator Olga founded her brand after leaving Japan to spend time studying fashion in the UK. Since returning to Tokyo, she has created costumes for the singer Salyu, as well as directed iPhone app creation, UI design, and other creative endeavors.

The Etw.Vonneguet 2012 S/S Collection show at Japan Fashion Week featured an eclectic mix of models walking along a makeshift catwalk under black lights. Many of the outfits featured futuristic graphic designs or text that became illuminated by the black lighting. Besides the overhead fixtures, each of the models was actually carrying a small black light so that they could light themselves up while walking. The looks that Japanese designer Olga created for this show included a mix of styles – skinny pants, baggy pants, mini skirts, t-shirt dresses, long drapey tops, dress shirts, modified blazers, and more. Some of the looks were extremely street friendly, others not as much. We’ve been fans of Olga and her creative vision for some time, so definitely give the pictures a look and let us know what you think.

Click the Etw.Vonneguet pictures below to see high resolution images of each look.

Etw.Vonneguet 2012 Spring/Summer

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  1. very nice. especially men’s pants (and male models ;p)
    i really woul’d wear things like these.