Fukubukuro in Shibuya Pictures & Video 2012 – With Shibuya 109, WC, Center Street, Grimoire, Spain Zaka, Parco Shibuya, BAPE & More

Fukubukuro sales in Japan kick off on New Year’s Day. We’ve already published a massive report on the 2012 Lucky Bag shopping fun in Harajuku. Now it’s time to turn our sights toward Shibuya. Whereas LaForet Harajuku opens on the first day of the year, Shibuya’s main shopping shrine Shibuya 109 doesn’t kick off its fukubukuro sale until January 2nd. Presumably, this is to give the hardest core Tokyo fashion shoppers the opportunity to hit both of the major New Year’s sales without the use of cloning or a transporter. Whatever the reason for the one-day delay, we love it because it gives us the chance to cover the two most exciting shopping events of the New Year for our best friends around the world (that’s you!).

Fukubukuro in Shibuya (27)

If you aren’t yet familiar with the concept of Japanese fukubukuro/lucky bags, please check out our recent Harajuku report for a full explanation.

The fukubukuro sales at Shibuya 109 are similar to those at LaForet Harajuku – but with an added twist! Once girls are done racing through Shibuya 109 and loading up on lucky bags, they head outside to open all of them. Why don’t shoppers wait until they get home to check the contents of their mystery bags? Because on January 2nd of each year, the entire front of Shibuya 109 is transformed into a huge trading area where hundreds of girls swap unwanted fukubukuro items with each other so that everyone can find something they really want!

Imagine you end up with a lucky bag full of striped shirts, but you’re not really into stripes. You can join the crowd in front of Shibuya 109, waving those striped shirts above your head and shouting in the hope that someone with solid colored shirts (or anything else of interest) will see them and want to trade. To the casual observer, the scene outside of Shibuya 109 may look like madness, but it’s a longstanding tradition and something that many young Japanese women look forward to each year.

In addition to Shibuya 109, we took photos at various other shops and areas around Shibuya including Shibuya 109-2 (for men), Center Street, Spain Zaka, Parco Shibuya, and Grimoire Almadel. We also took street snaps of Japanese girls and their New Year’s shopping haul so that you could see who’s actually doing the buying and what brands they’re buying. This year, we also made a short video featuring the opening of LaForet Harajuku and Shibuya 109! Enjoy the fukubukuro photos and video and Happy New Year!

LaForet Harajuku & Shibuya 109 Fukubukuro Video


Shibuya 109 & Shibuya Fukubukuro Pictures

Click any of the Shibuya fukubukuro pictures to enlarge them.

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  1. I would love to one day stand in line for a fukubukuro for hours and hours as well haha, thank you for sharing these pictures! <3

  2. Aw, I’m so sad I couldn’t get any lucky bags this year TT I even forgot to reserve some online! haha. But atleast I can always count on TokyoFashion.com to make me feel like I was there with the great pics XD

    It’s great to see tutuHA had an actual bag this year (rather than just using a regular shopping bag) and the one*spo and d.i.a bags seem to have a lot of buyers^^ I personally wish I could have gotten Egoist’s bag, and perhaps Lip Service, Rienda, Duras etc.

  3. Tragic Angel

    I love the Scheine bag! Thank you for this, I like these reports and was waiting for the Shibuya after perusing the Harujuku this year. So fun. What gets me is the taiko drumming troupe of girls.; used to be a guy thing.
    Trading thing is a good idea bcse I notice the fukubukuru always have something in each bag I wouldn’t want and something I would want. Oh, the vicarious thrills of it all. I never did this and I doubt if I ever will get back there to do this but you made me feel as if I were there and the video was an extra treat. I’m feeling a rush!

  4. What brand has the happy face bag? I want to see if I can find just the bag on mbok.jp for a friend!

    These prices are so great, it’s almost worth it just for the bag these things come in! Plus they’re jam packed with amazing and stylish clothes!! I want to visit Tokyo for fukubukuru season!

  5. Wow, the idea of trading mystery bag contents is so brilliant! LOL
    Japanese shoppers have a solution for everything! :P

    Oh, and have they changed the sign on Shibuya 109 already? How fast!

  6. T__T Someone please take me to Japan, specifically Shibuya. This looks like so much fun to be a part of and so exciting to be around all those awesome stores. Curse my boring American life.

  7. This is one of the top reasons i want to go to Japan.
    i swear.
    after highschool: first stop: shibuya ><

  8. I was inline in the one from Parco 9.30 in the morning at newyears day in the freezing cold, and I was already late, but the fun part was that you get free handwarmers. It was just shopping madness. I did 109 a few days, later and you have been there to know how it was I dont have words for it, it took me a few days to recover:-)

  9. WOW, SOOOOO COOL I WISH I COULD BE THERE , the bags are huge and the prices looks good too, ^v^ i like how they are matching, this is why they have so many clothes cuz, they have these kinds of huge bags, i want to shop like this when i go to japan cute cute cute >.< i want to do something like this wait in line for clothes

  10. I actually got to experience this at last!! It was like a dream-come-true…except that I didn’t have so much money. The cheapest I could find was 5000 yen so I bought only that and guess what shop it was from? I bought it from Spinns! The people I was with bought from a lot of other shops because they had tons of money to spare. But I was lucky because everything inside my bag was something I wanted and some stuff my friends got, they didn’t like it or it didn’t fit them. ^^

    I shopped at Hiroshima and the lines aren’t as intense as the ones in Tokyo so I was surprised because I already prepared my heart and mind for what I thought was going to be an epic World War 3. Haha