Heavy Pop Halloween Party in Tokyo – Fashion, Fun, Pictures!

What’s a Harajuku kid who really loves Halloween to do after October 31st has come and gone? How about throwing a Halloween-themed post-Halloween? That’s exactly what Ray Ochiai – the mad genius behind the Heavy Pop parties – did last week in Tokyo. The Heavy Pop Halloween Party, held in the first week of November, was packed with people celebrating the holiday that was. The fashion on display ranged from full-on Halloween costumes and cosplay to Harajuku streetwear. Even though we’d already had a lot of Halloween fun this year, we weren’t going to miss this one last party!

Harajuku Halloween Party Heavy Pop

The Heavy Pop Halloween party featured a special performance by Raveman from the Japanese band Aural Vampire, lots of DJs from the Harajuku street fashion scene (Choco from SPANK!, Kumamiki, Junnyan, etc.), live shows by Broken Doll & zwecklos, idols, dancers, live painters, drag queens, popup shops (90884, Party Baby, MEtA, Broken Doll, Dollis, etc.) and lots more. Many of the girls from the Harajuku fashion circle Pyxis were on hand, as was one of the most kawaii girls in Tokyo – Kera Magazine model Kurebayashi!

As has been the case with every Heavy Pop party we have covered, the Halloween Party was a big success! Partygoers had a great time dancing away the evening, making new friends, and enjoying the fashionably-fun atmosphere. We know that not everyone could make it to the party in person, so Daishi brought along his camera and captured plenty of images of the Heavy Pop Halloween Party to share with you.

Please enjoy our Heavy Pop Halloween pictures & hope you can make it in person next year!

Click any of Heavy Pop party snaps to enlarge them!

Here is the full Heavy Pop Halloween lineup (sorry for any name mis-translations):


  • DJ RAVEMAN (Aural Vampire)
  • Kaz-B
  • Junnyan
  • DJ Chihiro
  • DJ tAk
  • Chibiko Senshi…machico
  • ChokoNuts (w/ Choco from SPANK!)
  • Kifujin
  • Kumamiki
  • †bloodolly†


  • Broken Doll
  • zwecklos


  • Die Schwarze Frau [yukiro]
  • Thriller by Risutemin

Idol Stage

  • Kurimippo


  • rxsxhxc

Live Painting

  • hi-chan

Floor Dancer

  • Kimera
  • Risutemin (Neo,Min,Temimi,Ameya)
  • Kifujun


  • 90884 (Kurebayashi)
  • party baby (Kumamiki)
  • MEtA (mimeko)
  • BrokenDoll (KENSUKE&Maro)
  • Dollis (Kiyo?Seira)
  • hi-chan
  • Kyotou DOLLS (Ray)
  • Sorushie-re (Kyanna)
  • Yukeran
  • machico
  • strawberry&chocolate (Maririnz)
  • Ichigo Usagi Byou (Uri&Shioka)
  • Dokuzetsuotomeshousha (Anburera)
  • weiß&schwarz KURAU (KURAU)

Pyxis Girls

  • EMO
  • Nyoi-n Mei
  • Yuriemon
  • WISH
  • 763
  • Lisa 13


  • Ray (Ochiai Rei)

For more info on Heavy Pop, check out their official website or follow them on Twitter.


All photos by Daishi.

Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  1. Wraith108

    Nice stuff.

    The act DJ Raveman is with i called AURAL Vampire not Aurora.

  2. tokyo

    @Wraith108 – Thanks, typo corrected. :-) I think that was a bad katakana conversion on the setlist as it was spelled correctly at the top of the article.

  3. Who is the tall looking person at the end with the black dress and tiger stripes?

  4. @Angelica, I’m not sure of the name, but he was an exceptionally ‘fierce’ drag queen ;D

    I’m sad Exo Chika wasn’t there, but it made me happy to have at least seen Raveman- he was awesome! <3

  5. Kurebayashi and Nihei look awesome!
    Junnyan modeling for the camera: so funny hahaha ^o^