HEIHEI – Behind The Scenes w/ Japanese Fashion Designer Shohei Kato

Japanese fashion designer Shohei Kato first caught our eye several years ago while a student at Tokyo’s famous Bunka Fashion College. When not studying fashion at school, Kato spent much of his time exploring the streets of nearby Harajuku. Kato immediately stood out as one of the rare street snap models who preferred to make his own clothes rather than buying off the rack. His unique sense of personal style led to frequent street snaps on TokyoFashion.com, as well as in various Japanese street fashion magazines.

Shohei Kato took the next step beyond making clothes for himself in the summer of 2013, launching his own independent Japanese streetwear brand HEIHEI. Since graduating from Bunka Fashion College in the spring of 2014, Kato has focused all of his efforts on his upstart brand. With his third collection – HEIHEI “Dalmatians” 2014-2015 Autumn/Winter – just released, we thought it was time to find out more about Shohei Kato and HEIHEI.

Kato grew up in a small town. Even after moving to Tokyo to attend Japan’s most prestigious fashion school Bunka Fashion College, he still finds inspirations for his collections in memories of his childhood.

He also spoke to us about the first time he visited Harajuku, and how the famously fashionable neighborhood – and the people who we met there – helped him to see fashion in a different way. One of the people he met in Harajuku was Hirari Ikeda – who became a friend as well as a muse and model for his current design work.

Please check out our HEIHEI behind the scenes video and interview with Shohei Kato. For even more info, check out the brand’s official website. A big thank you to Shohei Kato, all of the models, and everyone else who made this video possible.

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  1. Hi, i just open this page, and xpected see all the pictures of christmas in tokio of this year 2014, but i dont see anything. Why haven´t you posted the pictures like every other year?…
    and the videos of new years too.

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  2. leslie ruiz

    sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id dress like that if i had a chance….

  3. so awesome ! congratulations ….from PERU… south america

    harajuku street fashion crazy! : )

  4. wowowowow! this guy is really chic and talented, it is not easy to make a statement of sport clothes, but he did this! Regards from Belarus!