Junnyan & Moco Will Bring Harajuku to France at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris

Harajuku is coming to France! From September 20-22, Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris will take over the Parc Floral De Paris. The event aims to transport Harajuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, and other areas of Japan to France – if only for a few days! Major Japanese musical artists including Anna Tsuchiya, Shonen Knife, and AMIAYA (Joutie brand directors) will be performing! For us, though, the big news is that several Harajuku street fashion personalities will be going to France – including Yu Kimura, Shojono Tomo, Junnyan, and Moco!

Junnyan (the organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walk and Pop N Cute) will be holding a Harajuku Fashion Walk in Paris – the first event that he has organized outside of Japan! Moco (Kera Magazine model & fashion designer) will have a booth for her fairy kei brand Mello by Strawberry Planet.

Junnyan and Moco are looking forward to meeting lots of fellow Harajuku fans on their trip to Paris. In fact, they made this short video to tell you what’s going on – and to invite you to come and meet them!

Junnyan & Moco Invite You To Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris

Turn on/off French subtitles with the “Captions” button at the bottom of the video.

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Junnyan is planning to organize a Harajuku Fashion Walk in Paris on September 19th (the day before the event). If you are interested in participating, please contact Junnyan on Twitter or Facebook! Check out our Harajuku Fashion Walk videos to see how fun it will be!

Moco’s booth will be in the “Harajuku” section of the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris event. Her Mello by Strawberry Planet designs are super kawaii fairy kei directly from Harajuku. Check out this interview with Moco from last year, and also follow her on Twitter for more information!


Junnyan & Moco are looking forward to meeting you in Paris later this month!

For more information on Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris, visit the official website.

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