K-pop Fans w/ Face Masks, Boy London, Frankenweenie & Itazura Toy Sneakers

We met these cool girls in Harajuku. Both of them were wearing face masks and carrying Frankenweenie plushies. You might remember them from their previous Tokyo street snaps.

The one to the right is Yoonju, and she’s 15. She is wearing a Boy London top with a God Harajuku jacket, and a pair of leggings. Her studded backpack has cat ears, and she got it from Spinns. Her boots are from Forever 21. Yoonju’s face mask features a skull design, and she paired it with a cross choker, a ram skull ring, and a Victor from Frankenweenie plush toy. She told us her favorite store is Candy Shibuya, and that she’s into K-pop, rock and punk. She also gave us her Twitter.

Dongmin, pictured here to the left, is 17. She’s a fan of Marilyn Manson and K-pop. Her t-shirt is A.J.L. Madhouse and her animal print shorts are Galaxxxy. Her face mask features snakeskin print and spikes. Dongmin is also wearing a beanie, an eclectic Tokyo Heart necklace and a dinosaur bracelet. Her backpack is from Nixon, her Sparky plush is from Frankenweenie, and her amazing toys sneakers are from Itazura. We asked Dongmin where she likes to shop, and she told us she likes Candy. You can find her on Twitter for more information.

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  1. I agree with Eclaire. She does look a lot like Tao, she even has the boy london shirt. They’re very cute.

  2. Where can I buy the face mask??? The skull one :)