Lady Gaga’s Little Japanese Monsters – Pictures!

On Saturday April 17th 2010, Lady Gaga played the first of two sold-out shows at Tokyo’s Yokohama Arena. These were the only two Tokyo-area stops on her sold-out-all-over-the-world “Monster Ball” tour. Lady Gaga is popular everywhere on the planet, but her Japanese fans really love her and go all out whenever she comes to visit them.

We’ve always felt that Lady Gaga’s fashion is Japanese-influenced (Nicola Formichetti, one of her stylists – and the person responsible for the fashion in the “Telephone” video – was born in Japan), and it’s amazing to see the energy and insanity that comes out of Gaga’s Japanese visits. With all of that in mind, we grabbed our cameras and headed for Yokohama to see if we could meetup with some of Lady Gaga’s fans – or, as she calls them, her “Little (Japanese) Monsters”!

This isn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure of photographing Japanese Lady Gaga fans. These fantastic girls were out in force last July at Summer Sonic 2009, staying past last train to see Gaga live. Since then, her Japanese fan base has grown exponentially, thanks to word of mouth from her “Little Monsters” as well as heavy radio and video play of her hits. Her latest single/video “Telephone” featuring Beyonce (who is also uber-popular among young Japanese women) can be seen and heard all over Tokyo at any time of the day or night – from clubs to shops to parties.

Last time around, we snapped lots of shots of Japanese Lady Gaga girls. This time, we were happy to see quite a few Japanese guys coming out for the show – and many of them dressing to impress. Japanese Gaga fans are some of the nicest people we have ever photographed, so we hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!

As always, you can click any of the photos to see larger versions. We recommend you view these pictures in full size, because some of the Gaga fan fashion is AMAZING!

Remember to click the pictures to see high resolution versions!

A big THANK YOU to all of the Japanese Lady Gaga fans – and the non-Japanese fans as well.

Update: We just posted another 50 pictures of Japanese Lady Gaga fans at the second sold out Tokyo concert – please check them too.

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  1. I love how Lady GaGa inspires so many people w/ her out of the world fashion sense, it’s amazing :D

  2. I have mixed opinions about quite a few of these: I like the one’s that used certain aspects of typical Lady GaGa fashion and, mixed it in with their outfit. The one’s that are pretty much just cosplaying her were a little less interesting/creative [No direct offense to anyone].
    I especially love the hair-hair bow thing :3

  3. I love Gaga and she’s REALLY a fashion icon all around the world!!

    She inspires people and makes them dream :-)


  4. i wish i was there! i would so devote my entire evening to running up to every single little gaga monster screaming, “AH MEH GAWD ITS LADiiE GAHGAH!”, then immediately turn my head, find then next little gaga monster, and run off after them screaming the same thing.

    for a good few hours.

    doesn’t that sound fun????

  5. WOW! There’s some really AMAZING outfits. Everyone really did a great job putting the outfits together, paying attention to every detail from accessories to hair and make-up! I especially love the look of the hair styled into bows!

  6. Haha not a “big fan” of Lady Gaga but nice outfits! Still, Asia have a high fashion sense. Bow on the top of the hair? That’d been out way before Lady Gaga appeared! I’ve seen it in pictures of clothes from Asia. A side note
    on that: Asian fashion are 2 years ahead on American fashion. I don’t see why everyone are so inspired by her. If Asian take their time seeking for fashion, I’d think Lady Gaga (a Italian) have to stand aside and can’t take credit for inspriring Asians.

    Also that hairstyle with straight cut bangs across, that’s so Asian. Have you ever seen whites or italian have those type of hairstyles? Maybe, but rare because I have never. I’ve seen alot of Japanese with that kind of hairstyles and I think it’s really cute ^.*

  7. I’d like to point out that the majority of the people in these pictures have very little, to no Gaga influences in their outfits. Most of them would be wearing those exact same outfits for any occasion–minus the blue lightning bolt under their eye. So this idea that come of the commenters have that Lady Gaga inspired these people? Just no.

  8. OMG!!! You did a really fantastic work with all those pics!!! and the people there was amazing!!! Love it!!

  9. Not a gaga fan, by any means.
    Do love the people in the photos above. They add real world style to some abstract concepts concocted by gaga&co, ‘cept for the fair bow,that just makes me nauseous.
    Guy in tophat and mask is awesome!

  10. Oh my, all these girls (and guys) are super super cute, I just love all their outfits. They obviously put effort and thought into their coordinates.

    Although there are few I wouldn’t want to sit behind, because I prefer to watch concerts without a giant head-piece in my face haha ^^

  11. I agree with some of the comments. I think Gaga’s influence in fashion comes from Asia (specifically from the Japanese), not the other way around.

  12. Awesome! Everyone looks so gorgeous.

    Rose: I wouldn’t say that Asians are that “superior”, in fashion terms. I live in Tokyo and I can assure you that even Japanese people is not that fashion-savvy, it’s just a stereotype. What you see on the internet is a selection and it only shows the best. Of course, a certain part of Japanese population is amazingly fashion conscious, but I would never ever say that Asia is “ahed two years”. I’ve also been in Korea, and seriously, what a disappointment. It was so hard to find something that would catch my eye.
    And please, don’t despise Italian fashion and Western fashion in general, that’s just so stupid and childish. There are some original fashion trends born in Japan, but mostly Japanese tend to follow Western mainstream fashion.
    Bangs, fringes or whatever you call them, obviously they are not a Gaga’s invention, and they’re not Asian as well. Even Cleopatra had bangs… haha

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  14. Yesterday was amazing day!!
    Thank you for your taking my picture!

  15. I agree with Alice.. japanese people who are into fashion are just more brave/can wear outstanding outfits because the japanese society won’t give you blank stares or make remarks about you, which keeps a lot of people in EU/US from wearing outfits like that out on the street. :P

    Yet that this ‘hair-bow’ is always associated with Gaga is a bit annoying.. I indeed saw it years ago, but most people are just not into street-fashion, so Gaga was the first person they ever saw wearing it. :P

    But thank you guys for this awesome collection of pictures! It was great seeing all the different outfits! =D

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  17. They’re brave enough to pull off any look and they can!
    Their ideas and fashion is so awesome, I love at least one thing in every outfit.

  18. @Blank They’re not freaks, but I think you’re very close minded for saying they are.

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  20. Wow! It is so amazing that they can pull something off like this! Makes me wish I could live in Japan… it’s sort of inspiring. Lol!

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  22. I went to both of Lady Gaga’s shows in Brisbane (Australia) recently and while a lot of people dressed up in similar ways, I have to admit the Japanese really do it well! One girl has a tiny top hat just like I bought in Tokyo and wore to one of the concerts also!!!

    I think Japanese style is amazing but I agree with the comment by Alice that not everyone in Japan dress in crazy stereotypical Asian styles. They do go a lot crazier than in most western countries but at the same time the ratio of people dressing in bright, zany outfits there to how they do, say here in Brisbane is probably the same (they do have a LOT more people than we do here after all).

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  24. OMG! saw a pic of one of my besties! i’d soo wanted to go but had a party that nite! oh well….i’ll probably see Gagalicious tomorrow nite @the VIP party!!!

  25. WOAH!
    So amaaazzzing ^ ^ so kawaii :3
    Lady Gaga has been such an influence to some people,
    In Theyre mindset,fasion and attitude (:

    ILOVEGAGA :] xxo<3

  26. Omggg these people do go all out just for a concert!! They spend so much effort it’s crazy!! Gaga had the funds & stylists & designers, but these people did it on their own! The blondish girl must have the worst bow-legs I’ve ever seen. And what’s up with the little kid & his mom? He should be studying at this age! The cross-dresser is kinda disgusting but attractive in a weird way.. haha.

    Thanks for the photos, you’re amazing! :)

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  28. Some of them look SO young… like, too-young-to-be-in-a-Lady-Gaga-concert young. >_>0

    Great style on most of them, though I still maintain that Sailormoon began the hair-as-bow trend first (look for the manga art of Sailormoon Super S and Sailor Stars to understand what I mean).

  29. Cool! Would like that in our streets people wear also whatever they want. :)

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  31. I totally agree with Kim. I would love to wear some of this stuff but Western culture is so restricting. I also would like to know has Lady Gaga ever actually said she’s influenced Japanese fashion? Or is that just everyone else? Quite clearly she has influenced fashion just look at any UK high street shops butu as some of you (quite rightly) say, the quintessential Japanese style already existed and it is obvious she has used elements of it when considering her outfits. I really want to move to Japan as soon as possible because you can wear what you want even if it is completely bonkers :D

  32. Amazing pictures! :) I love how Japanese fans get all decked out!

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  35. Yes, some probably didn’t look anything like Lady Gaga’s outfits, but everyone looked great. A lot of people were really creative!

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  38. WOW!!!!!!hahaha im purely speechless….those ciggarette sunnies are amazing!!!!

  39. Charlotte

    Pft! Lady Gaga copied them and then sold it back to them.

  40. oh ………………… thats goooooooooooooooooooooooooood We love Lady Gaga:):)