Milklim Harajuku – Pastel Fairy / Fancy Japanese Fashion Boutique

Milklim is a Japanese fashion brand known for super-kawaii fairy/fancy fashion in all shades pastel. Founded in Nagoya, the brand recently moved their flagship shop to the capitol of kawaii – Harajuku!

The new Milklim Harajuku boutique is located on the second floor of a building just behind Cute Cube Harajuku (not far from Faline and Listen Flavor).

Milklim’s super cute fashion is regularly featured in Kera, Zipper, FRUiTS and other Japanese street fashion magazines. Even though the brand was originally based in Nagoya, it’s been stocked for years in several key Harajuku shops such as Spinns and Park Harajuku. In the past, Milklim have worked with many kawaii-loving Japanese models – including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Kimura Yu.

Please check out our pictures of the new Milklim Harajuku shop, and visit the brand’s official website and Twitter or this Milklim Harajuku Map for more info.

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  1. Omg! I ❤ pastel colors. That’s is so cool of a wonderful store 2 shop in Japan.