Pink & Blue Hair w/ Tata Christiane, OS Accessories & Long Clothing in Harajuku

Shoshipoyo and Yana are two Harajuku guys who often catch our eye around Harajuku. You might remember them from their previous street snaps.

18-year-old Shoshipoyo – on the left with pink hair and facial piercings – is wearing an oversized doll head print top from Tata Christiane with Mam Avantgarde flame print tights and Buffalo platform boots. Accessories include a KTZ horns beret, an OS Accessories choker with bone cross, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, a Dominic Jones ring, and a Jeremy Scott keyboard-print handbag. Shoshipoyo’s favorite brand is W.I.A and he’s also a fan of Brooke Candy. Find him on Instagram or Twitter for lots more pics and info.

21-year-old Yana – on the right with blue hair – is wearing a Long Clothing top over black shorts with tall YRU platform boots. Accessories include an OS Accessories bone necklace, a devil horns cap, a leather choker with a steel o-ring, a Moschino by Jeremy Scott McDonald’s logo iPhone case, Style Icon Tokyo socks, and a large hologram bag from Bubbles Harajuku. Yana’s favorite brand is W.I.A. and he likes the music of Miliyah Kato. Find out more about him on Instagram or Twitter.

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