“Shibuhara Girls” Reality TV Show on MTV

The real Harajuku Girls – and Shibuya Girls – are coming to MTV! And this time, it won’t be in a music video. MTV International has announced a new reality series called “Shibuhara Girls” – their first ever reality TV show produced in Japan.

“Shibuhara Girls” will follow the adventures of four young women as they try to make a name for themselves in the fast-moving, competitive Japanese fashion and entertainment industries. The action will be centered around Tokyo’s famous Harajuku and Shibuya districts, giving the series its name. The “Shibuhara Girls” TV show will presented in a season lasting 12 episodes. Each episode will be 30 minutes long.

Shibuhara Girls MTV

Produced by Alan Swarts, “Shibuhara Girls” will begin airing on MTV Japan in January of 2011. After its debut in Japan, the series is expected to be shown in other Asian markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, and the Philippines. No word yet on whether the Shibuhara Girls will eventually make their way to America, the UK, or other Western markets.

MTV hasn’t released any promotional material to let us know what the series will look like yet – or who the real Shibuhara Girls are – but we will update you once we have more information on the show.

Check back soon for more information!

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  1. OMG!!!! Is there any way to get these episodes in the US even if its online????

  2. If this ever comes in US/Canada, Or at least even subbed somewhere, I’ll totally watch it. :3c

  3. Karen Araujo

    Its not Possible……………….

    I Want to see this ( IN BRAZIL) COME ON…………..


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  5. OMG!!!! please come to the US. I so Love Japanese fashion… I know a trillion people that would watch it!!!

  6. please make it to america!!!!!!!! i gotta see this show!!!

  7. SovannikaChhit

    Hi!! I’m Cambodia ….I love shibuhara girls I ever went2 japan too….