Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02 w/ Evangelion x AvantGarde Tights

Avantgarde Harajuku is the hippest legwear shop in Tokyo. Their tights and stockings are worn by everyone from kids in the Tokyo street fashion scene to top Japanese and international celebrities. Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most influential Japanese anime franchises of the last twenty years. Like AvantGarde, the main Tokyo Evangelion Store is located in Harajuku. The upcoming “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02” has brought these two powerful pop culture forces together to produce an exclusive line of Evangelion x AvantGarde Harajuku graphic tights.

The Evangelion x AvantGarde tights collection will be released on April 24th, the first day of the “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02”. The Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project will see Evangelion joining forces with 20 different brands/shops in the Harajuku and Shibuya area. Like AvantGarde, each of the shops will be offering special Evangelion collaboration goods. More details on the Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02 below, but first, take a sneak peak at the designs of the upcoming AvantGarde Harajuku Evangelion tights collection.

Evangelion Tights x AvantGarde Emergency

Evangelion x AvantGarde Harajuku “Emergency” Print Tights


Evangelion Tights x AvantGarde Synchro

Evangelion x AvantGarde Harajuku “Synchro” Print Tights


Evangelion Tights x AvantGarde Warning

Evangelion x AvantGarde Harajuku “Warning” Print Tights


The Evangelion x Mam AvantGarde tights will be available starting April 24th at the AvantGarde Harajuku shop, and on the brand’s website (English ordering available).

The full list of shops/brands participating in the Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project includes Adidas, Atmos, Carolina Glaser, Elianegigi, Evangelion Store Tokyo, 417 By Edifice, Galaxxxy, Gonoturn, Kinetics, Lee, Logos Gallery (Parco Shibuya), Mam Avantgarde, Override, Radio Eva, Revelations, The Kiss, Vanquish, and Xlarge. We got detailed info on the project from Radio Eva and translated it all into English for you below:

Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02

The world is counting down the days until this upcoming April 24th, when the urban fashion event linking the unique and communicative fashion towns of Shibuya and Harajuku, the “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project” will sweep across both towns under the name of “Evangelion.”

Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 2013

The Blu-ray Disc edition of “Evangelion New Theater Version: Q” and a DVD edition “EVANGELION:3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO.” will go on sale on April 24th, 2013, at the same time as this project. While the giant swell that is “Evangelion” is engulfing not only Japan, but the whole world, the “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project Vol.2” is trying a new approach around the axis of “fashion.”

Centered on the “EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01” in the same way as last year, this project, during which approximately 20 brand shops in the Harajuku/Shibuya area will release collaboration items simultaneously, has as a goal of having people enjoy “Evangelion” freely through their own thoughts and points of view. A new entry by such names as “Adidas,” “Lee,” and “PARCO Shibuya” for this second edition of the project will give rise to attractive collaboration items in which the philosophies of each brand are reflected.

Moreover, a stamp rally, in which each store will participate, will be organized as a bridge to link both Shibuya and Harajuku together through “Evangelion.” Bring this project’s specially-created tote bag, which bears the logo “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project Vol.2,” to one of the stamp stands installed at each of the stores, and it will be stamped with an original typographic “3.33 EVA TYPO” stamp, created by the designer “Shindou Usuke.” If you bring your tote bag stamped with a “3.33 EVA TYPO” stamp to the “EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01” within the specified time period, you will receive an original EVA business card with your initials on it, a completely unique item. (Customers are asked to pay printing and paper costs.) You can also collect every single stamp from A to Z.

Year after year, “Evangelion” is not only gaining fans and evolving as a creation, it is also building a unique position in the fashion market. We hope that you have high expectations for this second edition of the “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project,” which draws upon this movement.


Evangelion Tote Bag

Bring a canvas tote bag sold at both the EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 and the LOGOS GALLERY (PARCO Shibuya) to a participating store and get it stamped at one of their booths. If you bring a stamped tote bag back to the EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01, you will receive an original business card using the original typography, “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project.” (Customers are asked to pay printing and paper costs.)

Note: As tote bag numbers are limited, their sale will be discontinued when the entire inventory has been sold.

Sources: AvantGarde Harajuku & Radio EVA

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