You likely already know Moco as the indie designer behind the fairy kei labels, Strawberry Planet and Mello. Like her fashion, she is always really sweet, so we’re always glad to see her around Tokyo. She is 17 forever and studies at Bunka Fashion College. This time she is wearing pastels, with pink hair and bangs.

Moco is wearing a pink Angelic Pretty cape with bunny ears and heart-shaped pockets. Her ruffle skirt is 6%DokiDoki, paired with over the knee striped socks from the same label. She’s wearing several handmade necklaces (with a cute pastel cross) and pins, and pink, furry boots with pompoms.

If you’d like to know more about Moco, check out her official blog or follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Nicole :3

    WOW nice outfit!!! <3 kawaii <3
    Thanks for this page, really inspires me in designs ^_^

  2. yay! Finally a Moco pic again! She’s so adorable ^o^

  3. Aaww, totemo kawa? to s?z?. Love the boots & tights!

  4. Gordon Tan

    Seems like a pastel Cardcaptors outfit! Nicely co-ordinated colours too.

  5. This would be amazing if she had a pair pastel pink creepers or lilac!

  6. she’s so adorable tiny!!!!omg everything about her is adorable

  7. Aww she’s so cute loving the cute bunny ears Xxx<3