Tokyo Game Show 2009 Cosplay Pictures

Posted on 5 Oct. 2009

Last weekend, Tokyo Game Show 2009 was held at Makuhari Messe. TGS is the biggest video game event in Japan each year. We know it’s not really much to do with fashion, but some of the Tokyo Fashion crew went to the show, so we decided to publish their photos. If you don’t care about Japanese cosplay or video games, you can probably skip this update! :-)

Tokyo Game Show is used by game companies from Japan and around the world to promote their new and upcoming releases. There are a lot of game demos, promotional videos, presentations, and celeb appearances to try to help get attention for whatever video games are being promoted. Besides the main game area, there is also a cosplay area where Japanese cosplayers dress up like characters from video games or manga and pose for photos. Most of the pictures that we are publishing here are from the cosplay area because it’s always pretty crazy – and we like crazy.

This is just a small sample of the 100 exclusive pictures we have from the show – the full set (with much bigger versions of each photo) is hosted at our Flickr page. So, check out the pictures and see what you think!

The entrance to Tokyo Game Show:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 003

Japanese Cosplay Girls:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 028

Red Furry Cosplay:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 044

A Bit Sexy?
Tokyo Game Show Cosplay

Blue Girls With Giant Books:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 032

Nice Trunk & Furry Feet:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 022

Eye Patch Cosplay Girl:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 054

Cute Cosplay With Cowboy Hat & Plaid Skirt:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 064

The Better To Hear You With:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 013

Not Cosplay, Japanese Booth Babes:
Tokyo Game Show 2009 085

You can see all 100 of our Tokyo Game Show photos (including a lot more cosplay) in high resolution at the Tokyo Fashion Flickr page. We don’t know who a lot of these people are cosplaying. If you know the game or manga that their cosplay is from, feel free to add that info in the comments here, or on Flickr.

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  1. The eye patch cosplay is from Kuroshitsuji.
    First cosplay girls are from Vocaloid :)