Tokyo Girls Collection Street Snaps 2011 A/W

It’s that time of the year again in Tokyo – the time when tens of thousands of fashion-conscious young Japanese women come together to cheer on their favorite models, listen to their favorite singers, and buy the absolute newest looks from their favorite fashion brands. Yes, you guessed it – it’s the practically-sold-out-before-tickets-went-on-sale Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 Autumn/Winter event!

Tokyo Girls Collection

Tokyo Girls Collection – or TGC – is part fashion show, part concert, part shopping event, and all fun. Fashion labels catering to young women present their collections on the TGC runway, often worn by famous Japanese magazine models. The items on the catwalk can be bought via mobile phone websites while the show is in progress. had people both inside and outside of of TGC at Saitama Super Arena this weekend. In our upcoming reports, we’ll show you the clothes, models, and musicians that graced this season’s Tokyo Girls Collection catwalk. First, though, we wanted to give you a look at some of the girls who attended Tokyo Girls Collection. We took street snaps outside of the event as the crowds were getting ready for the show to begin. Seeing what the crowd is wearing can give you a glimpse at current trends just as much as the models on stage predict future trends.

Tokyo Girls Collection Street Fashion

Unlike our Spring/Summer Tokyo Girls Collection street snaps (where gray over-the-knee socks were everywhere), there was no single fashion trend that stood out above all others. We noticed a lot of bright red/pink lipstick, high waists on shorts and skirts, polka dots, and hats. But overall, it seems like we may be in between major trends right now. Perhaps our upcoming report on what the TGC brands were promoting for Fall/Winter will change all of that. Update – here is our Tokyo Girls Collection Fashion Brands report, with over 200 more exclusive pics!

In the meantime, enjoy these Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter 2011 street snaps. Don’t forget that you can click on all of the pictures to see high resolution versions! Also, there was a major storm lashing Tokyo on the day of the event – so please forgive any wind-blown hair on the girls we photographed.

Click on any of the picture to see high resolution versions.

Also check out our catwalk report and music and entertainment report, both packed with lots of pictures of what was going on inside of Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 A/W!

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  1. WOW! So many very well-dressed people!
    It looks so amazing and I’m sure it’s fun being there.
    I just love the photos!

  2. Kids are so fashionable, and a dyed hair? (゚Д ゚ )

  3. Wow wow, love their outfits! I’m surprised there aren’t a lot of girls sporting Peter pan collar tops/dresses. I love their bags, especially the satchels <3 I wonder how long florals and tribals will stay in. I think florals re going to be in for a very long time, not sure about tribals. I see lots of cute bowler hats

  4. Kya so many cute outfit I would have love to have gone

  5. gosh, such amazing stylings from every single one of them, even the kids, WOW…WOW

  6. TokyoTrekker

    So many great shots! Beautiful: clothes, people, energy!! Looks like so much fun. For those of us who can’t be there, THANKS for uploading.

  7. Smilebaby

    wooooooooow i have just no words they are all sooo beautiful!!!

  8. Using a lens that made their legs look shorter was a poor choice.

  9. tokyo

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! As far as the lens, I use one of the best wide lenses that Canon makes, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cause any leg shortening. :-) I am slightly taller than the average Japanese girl, so sometimes my shots might be a little “from above”.

  10. Everyone so well-dressed. Do you use fill-flash for these types of street shots? It seems like there is flash catchlight in the eyes but I can’t tell for sure.

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  12. @Sonny: who cares about legs? Their sense of fashion is great! Saved some pics as inspiration ^_^

  13. girl in green hat and guy with a red hair are AWESOME!!!! THEY ARE RULE!!!

  14. So much cuteness at once… It’s too much XDD
    But really, wow, so many amazing outfits!!

  15. Kids in Tokyo dress so stylish :D
    My childhood was filled with tacky clothes my parents picked out for me …

  16. Actually, matching outfits with your best friend is very common in japanland. so whatever.

  17. cristy augusto

    omg its my first time on this site and i love evrything about it love all the outfits they really have their own flair its so exciting to see,,, =)

  18. I dunno…not really impressed. I expect more from urban Japanese youth. This is like the same old stuff my classmates at art school were wearing 5 years ago – very boho and muted – big glasses, thrown together vintage look. As tacky as they were, the old yamanbas were far more advanced and forward-thinking than this. This is too safe, too pretty, too pre-packaged, too Urban Outfitters, too “trendy”. I want to see something artificial, exaggerated and over the top – something that kind of puts people out of their comfort zone. So I see Shibuya’s clealry had its creativity sucked out of it, what’s next? Harajuku? Sure hope not – but I’ve noticed they have already started to shut down a few of the funkier stores there T_T

  19. loveeeeeeeeeee u japan !!!mon rève est vst le meilleur pays dans le monde le japonnn!!!!!<3 <3 <3

  20. Great clothing and great fashion!

    However I think some of the kids here shouldn’t be wearing some of the clothing that they are. I accept however that people should be able to express themselves and have their own right to what they wear. But some clothes is best for a older age group.

    Fishnets? How old are they?