Victorian Maiden, Shirley Temple & 6%DokiDoki

This is Yuma, a 16-year-old student we’ve photographed previously in Harajuku. She’s wearing a rose-colored double-breasted jacket from Victorian Maiden over a short striped dress that’s printed with the Shirley Temple logo. Her accessories, which include plastic jewelry and a knit hat decorated with a toy bear, a doll head, and pompoms, are a combination of handmade and from 6%DokiDoki.

Yuma is also wearing bright pink tights and black suede shoes embellished with pink embroidery that she bought at a local store. Her purse is an elementary school style bag that says “Little Artists”.

We asked Yuma about her favorite music and she said she likes Ginnan Boyz. If you read Japanese you can find out more on Yuma’s website.
Victorian Maiden, Shirley Temple & 6%DokiDoki

Victorian Maiden double-breasted jacket

Knit hat with toy bear & pompoms

Elementary school bag

6%DokiDoki rings

Pink tights & embroidered shoes

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  1. NekoSheila

    I friggin love those tights!! And the bangs are way cute.

  2. babybucks

    wow cute ;o altho not a huge fan of those shoes but in total its still super cute ! and the guy showing in the first pic looks cool :D

  3. Tania ozawa

    I love her make up i dont know why its cute :)

  4. It’s like babybucks completely read my mind lol I completely agree with them

  5. oh my gosh I’m in love with this super cute outfit, she looks absolute adoreable! *-*

  6. Madonna Lily

    The things I like the best about her: her hair style (I must get something similar very soon) her different tights (I’ll copy that too) and her jacket!

    AND… the skull ion the wall behind her crazy

  7. Great style! I love the haircut!!! She is a beautiful girl!