Yeji Jo in Harajuku w/ Blue Hair, Flower Crown, Piercings & Wedges

Yeji Jo is a striking blue-haired Bunka Fashion College student who we see around Harajuku often. Originally from South Korea, Yeji recently launched her own Tokyo-based fashion brand HIBI. You might remember our interview with Yeji earlier this year at her brand’s debut exhibition in Harajuku.

When we met Yeji this time, she was wearing a Topshop crop top with Topshop cutoff shorts and Topshop wedges. Accessories include a flower crown in her pretty blue hair, a studded bracelet, and a large Prada purse. Her makeup and facial piercings also add the look! For more info on Yeji, follow her on Twitter!

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  1. I love blue hair, I wish I could make that sorta dye stick on my hair without it getting washed out soon. Yeji has super cute style, I love the piercings. <3

  2. Wow, she’s beautiful. Love everything about her, her hair, hair accessory (those flowers are gorgeous!), whole outfit and shoes! Very very pretty!

  3. Victoria Moore

    She looks amazing! Blue is one of my favorite colors and she wears it well.

  4. Not really a fan of the outfit itself.. but her hair is gorgeous!

  5. ciel noir

    Her face is flawless. I’ve actually always liked the shaved eyebrow look, as odd as that may sound. I just don’t think I have the feature for it. s

  6. Wow~ She really suits without eyebrows in a totally good way, She has gorgeous legs!! <3

  7. Her hair (with flowers) & shoes are perfect!