Harajuku Halloween Party Fashion Snaps at Pop N Cute #4

The Harajuku Fashion Walk crew (they call themselves the “Harajuku Kids”) put on “Pop N Cute” parties several times a year. Packed with fashion, music, and fun, all of the Pop N Cute parties are awesome. But the convergence of Harajuku and Halloween makes their annual October bash something special.

We’ve already posted a massive photo & video report from the Pop N Cute Halloween Party. Now we want to share our snaps of attendees in Harajuku-meets-Halloween fashion. You’ll probably recognize many of the people we snapped from the streets of Harajuku, including Moco from Strawberry Planet, Ken & Sachi & Maro from Broken Doll, the Harajuku Kids, members of Pyxis, Iku from Viva Cute Candy, Choco from Spank!, Itaru Missile, and Junnyan!

Click on any Halloween fashion snap to enlarge it.

For more information on Pop N Cute and Harajuku Fashion Walk, check our main article (with 150+ pics & video) on the Halloween Party!


Photos by Kira.

About the photographer:
Born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, Kira shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. His portfolio can be viewed at Artist-Photo.

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