H&M Harajuku Opening Day Photos

Well, it finally happened today – the H&M Harajuku shop, which they have been working on forever, and which Tokyo Fashion has reported on numerous times in the past, finally opened! At around 11am this morning, the doors opened, the staff clapped and bowed, and the security guards scrambled.

As far as our claims yesterday that there wasn’t a long line waiting for the opening – please, strike that from the record! By the time the doors opened on Saturday morning, the line ran from Harajuku to Shibuya, with an estimate of something like 2500 people waiting to get into the store.

The weather in Tokyo on Saturday was dreary and almost, but not quite, rainy. That certainly didn’t stop the Japanese H&M fans from pouring into Harajuku hoping to get some of those H&M x Comme de Garcons clothing items before it all sold out.

TokyoFashion.com was there for the opening and we took a bunch of photos. Because we are lazy, we didn’t actually follow the line to the end. We followed the line and took some pics as it went from the H&M shop on Meiji Dori, up past ABC Mart, past LaForet, and turned onto Omotesando Dori up past Softbank and toward Harajuku Station. That’s as far as we went, but supposedly, according to the Japanese news, the line then went over the walking bridge at Harajuku Station and into Yoyogi Park, and then across Shibuya Koen Dori toward Shibuya.

To be honest, there are only so many pictures of people waiting in line that anyone wants to see. So, here are a few, but not too many, pictures of the H&M Harajuku opening:

There were hundreds of Japanese security guards doing crowd control at the opening:
Japanese security guards at H&M Harajuku

Japanese TV and news crews swarming the just opened H&M Harajuku doors:
H&M Harajuku Opens

H&M Harajuku staff clapping and smiling as some of the first Japanese customers enter the store:
Crowd outside of H&M Harajuku

The H&M opening day line winds up Omotesando Dori and far beyond:
H&M vs. Quarter Pounder

H&M Harajuku line Japanese fashion – girls and guys in line showing off their fashion:
Japanese Fashion Line

The full set of H&M Harajuku opening pictures can be seen in our Flickr Photo Set. There are bigger versions of all of these pictures there too, in case you want to check out the details and fashion that the kids in line were wearing.

And if you want even more opening day news, here is a Japan Times article on H&M’s progress so far in the Japanese fashion market.

The address of the new H&M store is: 1-8-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001
For full info, including a map, check this previous post with H&M Harajuku details.

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