LaForet Harajuku Grand Bazar Video

A quick update to our recent LaForet Harajuku Grand Bazar article to share some crowd videos with you. Today was the last day of the big sale and a holiday in Japan, so LaForet was mobbed with huge crowds looking for last minute deals.

LaForet Grand Bazar Last Day

Here are a couple of short videos taken outside of LaForet today. Both of the videos show many Japanese girls and guys heading into and out of LaForet and the audio is a mix of different sales people yelling and trying to get attention for their shops and brands from the shoppers.

This is a video near the Olive des Olive, Mysty Woman, and Nice Claup sale booths outside of LaForet:

Video near the QUOLOMO, Ray Cassin, World Wide Love and h.NAOTO sales booths:

A photo of a Japanese lolita walking by the h.NAOTO sale booth:
h Naoto Lolita

We’ll be posting more video from around Tokyo soon, so check the Tokyo Fashion YouTube page regularly.

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