Million $ Orchestra “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” Harajuku Exhibition with Alice Black

Takeru has gained worldwide fame as the singer for the popular Japanese rock band SuG. However, his creative ambition goes beyond singing and songwriting. He is also the driving force behind the Japanese fashion brand Million $ Orchestra (pronounced “Million Dollar Orchestra”). Million $ Orchestra just held their first major exhibition in Harajuku for the brand’s new “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” collection. We were lucky enough to be invited to the event, where we had the chance to check out the new 2012 Spring/Summer collection and talk with Takeru about his fashion inspiration.

Takeru of Million Dollar Orchestra & SuG

The Million $ Orchestra “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” Harajuku exhibition featured the brand’s entire new collection – including t-shirts, hoodies, button-up shirts, cardigans, drop-crotch pants, skirts, shoes, backpacks, and various accessories. In addition to the items already scheduled for release, there were also a few bonus pieces on display which Takeru was still working on, possibly to be released later.

We’ve long been familiar with Takeru’s involvement in the Harajuku fashion scene through his previous Million $ Orchestra designs, his collaborations with Spinns Harajuku, SuG’s performances at various Harajuku events, and even Takeru’s guest modeling in Harajuku fashion shows. He is of course most famous for being a member of SuG, but Takeru also gets a lot of respect from people in the Harajuku street fashion scene. When we talked with him about the new Million $ Orchestra collection, it was apparent that he takes his fashion brand just as seriously as his music!

Takeru explained that the new “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” collection takes its name from a single on the upcoming SuG album “Lollipop Kingdom”. As he is heavily involved with both the album and the fashion brand, Takeru’s two creative endeavors definitely share inspiration. He told us that the concept behind the collection involves mixing elements of sweetness (pastel colors and candy) with darker themes (horror). This mash-up of opposing forces is evident throughout the collection, but nowhere more so than in the collection’s trademark graphic – a repeating pattern of cute pastel macarons held together with sharp metal screws.

Takeru also pointed out another of the “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” graphics which features an x-ray of a human skull filled with candies and other sweet things. Yet another graphic shows cute stocking-clad legs. Only when you look closer do you realize the legs are severed. Of the skirt in the collection, Takeru told us that it was inspired by fondant au chocolat – a dark outer layer (sheer) hides a sweet pastel (pink) layer beneath. This mix of sweet and dark repeats itself throughout the collection.

Rather than describing the “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” collection, we brought back plenty of pictures from the Million $ Orchestra Harajuku exhibition to share with you. Check out the pieces for yourself!

Million $ Orchestra “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” Collection Pictures


As we mentioned above, Takeru has many friends in the Harajuku fashion scene. One of those friends is Norimi from the hip Japanese accessory brand Alice Black. Million $ Orchestra and Alice Black collaborated on a collection of limited edition rings last year. The “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” exhibition in Harajuku was actually a joint exhibition where the new Alice Black collection was also on display.

We’ve already published a report on the latest Alice Black “The Queen Is Dead Collection”, but here are a few pictures from the Harajuku exhibition just to refresh your memory.

Alice Black “The Queen is Dead” Collection


In addition to all of that Harajuku fashion goodness, we also brought back a couple of bonus pictures for you featuring Takeru from Million $ Orchestra and Norimi from Alice Black together.

Norimi from Alice Black & Takeru from Million $ Orchestra


The Million $ Orchestra “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” collection will be available starting today (April 17th) on the brand’s official web store. Customers who make purchases over 30,000 yen will get a Million $ Orchestra catalog signed by Takeru himself (while supplies last).

We aren’t sure about the current status of international sales, but the previous Million $ Orchestra collection was made available to overseas fans. Hopefully this one will be as well. If you keep checking the Million $ Orchestra official website (which is English-friendly), they’ll let you know about availability outside of Japan.

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Photos by Kira.

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  1. This idea is brilliant: I love the contradiction of fun and horror, light and dark themes being displayed. It just makes the collection that more unique.

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