Moohoop by Spinns – New Japanese Fashion Brand to Debut at Shibuya 109

On September 10, 2011, Moohoop arrives in Tokyo. The new Japanese fashion brand will launch with the grand opening of their first Moohoop shop, located inside of the famous Shibuya 109 department store. New fashion brands and shops are born in Japan everyday, but this one is different. Moohoop is produced by Spinns, the company behind Spinns Harajuku. Spinns Harajuku quickly became a major player in the Harajuku street fashion scene after its opening last year. We won’t be surprised if Moohoop enjoys a similar meteoric rise within the Shibuya gyaru scene.

Moohoop by Spinns

Moohoop by Spinns will be located on the 8th floor of Shibuya 109, alongside well-known gyaru brands and the gal accessory shop SBY. The Moohoop shop’s focus will be on fashion that appeals to Shibuya girls, although they promise to add a bit of Harajuku style into the mix. Moohoop Shibuya will carry original products, select items from Japan and abroad, used clothing, and unique “remake” fashion. The store will be stocked with a full selection of womenswear (sorry guys, Shibuya 109 is for girls only) including dresses, skirts, footwear, hats, jeans, and jackets. They’ll also carry a large selection of accessories – from jewelry and hair accessories to stockings, undergarments, panniers, and novelty items. As it’s located inside of one of the trendiest department stores on the planet, Moohoop’s selection will naturally change each season with the current fashion trends in Japan.

Spinns Harajuku has been extremely ambitious in their collaboration projects, working with everyone from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (even before she was super famous) to Capsule to one of the goddesses of Shibuya fashion, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Moohoop has plans to launch collaborations with top Shibuya-friendly models and musicians as well. In fact, they’ve already announced a Moohoop in-store event with uber-gyarus Mizukitty and Kumikki in October. Aya Suzuki recently posted about Moohoop’s grand opening on her blog after visiting a preview event. All three of these models are extremely popular in Shibuya, which shows how serious Moohoop is about making a big splash in the gyaru fashion scene.

Because of our friendship with the Spinns Harajuku staff, we were lucky enough to get invited to preview some of the items that Moohoop will be carrying. This is by no means all of what the shop is going to be about, but at least it gives you an idea of how they’re planning to mix some Harajuku vibe into Shibuya gyaru fashion. Please have a look at the pictures, and don’t forget to visit the shop yourself after it opens on September 10th. We’ll be posting more updates on Moohoop by Spinns in the coming weeks, so check back soon!

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Here’s all of the important Moohoop by Spinns info:

  • What: New Japanese womenswear fashion brand/shop
  • Where: Shibuya 109, 8th Floor
  • When: Grand Opening September 10, 2011
  • Address: 2-29-1-8F Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Map: Shibuya 109 Map
  • Website: Coming Soon


All photographs by Kira.

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    i want that necklace!

  2. Oh gosh. The jackets you guys. THE JACKETS. I want to go to this place so badly ;______; *creys forever* And…and the boob rings. And the necklaces. SO much wonderful.

  3. its sooo good, they need a shop like this in Australia!

  4. Will their website allow people from other countries like the US to purchase from their website?

  5. I hope so
    i live in the Netherlands such a boring place to live.

  6. krys ivory

    im so mad that i cant find any of this online to buy! im gonna go nuts!

  7. tokyo

    I think Spinns parent company used the name “Moohoop” for some kind of outside-of-Tokyo project/brand/shop several years ago, but not sure where the inspiration came from. Probably not Brooke if her use is recent, I’m guessing.

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