Nicki Minaj Boosts Japanese Designer Shojono Tomo in TV Appearance

American rapper, hip hop singer, and all-around media sensation Nicki Minaj appeared on Good Morning American over the weekend. That may not sound like the kind of news you’d expect to read about on a site called “Tokyo Fashion”, but there’s more to the story. Besides causing a near paparazzi riot with her now-famous wardrobe malfunction, Minaj also set off fireworks in Tokyo by wearing striking graphic tights created by indie Japanese fashion designer Shojono Tomo.

Nicki Minaj x Shojono Tomo

Lady Gaga has brought numerous Japanese designers to the world’s attention by wearing their creations in music videos and stage performances. One of Nicki Minaj’s personalities is “The Harajuku Barbie“, so it’s only natural that she would want to get more in touch with her Japanese side as well. Regardless of what you think of Gaga and Minaj’s music (or hype), it’s fantastic to see both of them giving a boost to the Japanese designers who have inspired them.

Nicki Minaj’s “Harajuku-themed” outfit on Good Morning America featured the graphic tights seen in the photo above. They were designed by Japanese artist/designer Shojono Tomo and released through her independent brand ENOCDOUTER. The brand is not yet widely available in the United States, but the designer told us that she’s working on improving that soon. For now, the ENOCDOUTER collection is available at the famous SPANK! shop in Tokyo, FEWMANY Tokyo, SCREWMING in Taiwan, and several other select shops. The designer also has her own official web shop.

Nicki Minaj x Shojono Tomo

Shojono Tomo worked as a graphic designer before becoming a freelance illustrator in 1990. Since then, she has dedicated herself to creating music, art, comics, and fashion. Besides her commercial work, she’s had several art exhibitions in Tokyo and internationally. Her independent brand, ENOCDOUTER, features fashion and accessories that are born out of her original illustrations.

The artist is already hard at work on new ideas inspired by her encounter with Nicki Minaj. Later this year, at the Sweet Streets art show in Los Angeles, she will also be debuting a new collaboration collection with SPANK! For more examples of her work, please check the photos below, or Shojono Tomo’s official website.


Photos courtesy of Shojono Tomo/ENOCDOUTER and Sweet Streets.

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  1. Not going to lie. I LOVE Nicki Minaj. She is my dirty American Hip Hop addiction. I love her style (even if she has no idea what Harajuku actually is because she’s been infected by Gwen Stefani) and her music. This makes me happy. I’m really excited to see Japanese designers migrating more to the United States thanks to pop culture!

  2. I love Nicki Minaj she is so gorgeous and I love her music. I am so happy the designer is getting credit here in the States. I wish her much success!!! I would buy some tights as well with a long t-shirt it will definately be a hot look! I hope she can expand here in the States! :)

  3. Oh man I want a pair. I can’t wait for this designer to expand!

  4. I loved everything Japan before Nicki Minaj. Im so thrilled to see that Nicki loves the Japanese fashion too. I’m so happy. I need those leggings. Woohoo fohr the super bass harajuku barbie.

  5. Glad she’s making some moves to make the “Harajuku Barbie” image legit! Keep it up Nicki. Little less nipple next time. XD

  6. Ive been ingrossed in Japanese culture and Hello Kitty Barbie way before NIcki Minaj the only thing Im glad is she’s a young half black beautiful woman who loves and shows support towards the, Japanese stylers. Get ready for my world becuz I design and sing and dress almost like Nicki Im bringing in style way more loud!

  7. Nicki Manaj is the BEST like no other singer can top her!!!! :) Like she is like sooooo POPULAR and just INDEPENDENT! I believe that because she always do her own thing and being her!!!!!! SHE IS AMAZING I WAS LOOKED UP TO HER!!!!