“Playing with Girls’ Generation” Tokyo Concert – Fan Fashion Pictures

On November 13th, hyper-popular K-Pop group Girls’ Generation held a special meet-and-greet and mini-concert at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo. The “Playing with Girls’ Generation” event drew nearly 10,000 Girls’ Generation fans to Harajuku. As we’ve done with many other Tokyo concerts (Lady Gaga, An Cafe, Shinee, Vamps, etc.), we headed out to the Girls’ Generation concert to see what the fans were wearing. We met many friendly Girls’ Generation fans and brought back pictures to share with you!

The “Playing with Girls’ Generation” event in Harajuku featured several Girls’ Generation dance cover groups performing their versions of the group’s hit singles. Then the Girls themselves brought the crowd to its feet with a short set which included “Flower Power”, the single from their upcoming Japanese album “Girls’ Generation 2”.

We’d like to send out a big “Thank You!” to all of the nice SNSD fans who we snapped at Yoyogi Stadium. One of the groups we photographed (the third pic below) is a Japanese Girls’ Generation dance cover group. They’re called JDSD, and you can find them on Twitter and see them dancing YouTube.

Click on any of the Girls Generation fan street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Interesting!
    Influence from the Japan-influenced South Korea. Oh the irony of this world