Fukubukuro Pictures – Harajuku 2011

Welcome to our second Harajuku 2011 New Year’s Sale (Hatsuuri) and Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro) report! In our first report, we shared Takeshita Dori Fukubukuro pictures. Now it’s time to see what was going on around the rest of Harajuku! We got up bright and early on January 1st (after a crazy New Year’s Eve in Shibuya) to photograph one of the biggest shopping events of the year in Harajuku – the opening of the LaForet department store for Fukubukuro sales. After LaForet, we walked up and down Meiji Dori, Cat Street, and lots of streets with no names so that we could share the Harajuku New Year’s shopping madness with you. We had a lot of fun. We hope you have fun looking at the pictures, too!

Harajuku New Year!

The first and most important stop on this trip was the legendary LaForet Harajuku. LaForet is a department store, and the dream shopping destination for many fashionable young people from all over the Japan. The News Years sales at LaForet start on January 1st – a full day earlier than Shibuya 109 (check our Shibuya Fukubukuro report). Every year, thousands of shoppers line up hours before the 11am opening to make sure they get first pick of sale items and the much coveted Fukubukuro. This year, LaForet’s big opening started with a bang – literally!

After leaving LaForet, we walked down one side of Meiji Dori, then back on the other side. We then hit Cat Street, wandered around side streets, alleys, dirt roads, stream beds, and just about anywhere else we thought we might find a sale or a Lucky Bag. These photos were taken over many hours of walking during a two-day period, so some of the popular shops may have been sold out of Fukubukuro by the time we got to them, and others we probably just missed from delirium. That said, we think you’ll agree that we cover a lot of Harajuku in this report. As always, you can click on any of the photos to see them in high resolution (and we recommend that you do). Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think!

LaForet Harajuku Fukubukuro
LaForet Harajuku decorated for New Year’s Day 2011.

LaForet Harajuku Fukubukuro
LaForet Harajuku.

LaForet Harajuku
Huge crowd crossing the street in front of LaForet Harajuku.

LaForet Harajuku New Years Sale Line
LaForet Harajuku opening day line.

LaForet Harajuku New Years Sale Line
More LaForet Harajuku line – the crowd is HUGE!

LaForet Harajuku New Years Sale Line
The end of the line for LaForet Harajuku New Year’s day sale. This is all the way up Omotesando Dori, near Harajuku Station. If you look in the distance in this photo, the line goes beyond the little blue sign way down the street.

LaForet Harajuku New Years Sale
The front of the line waiting to get into LaForet Harajuku on New Year’s Day. If you want to see a short video of the line moving, check the TokyoFashion YouTube page.

LaForet Harajuku Taiko Drumming
As the doors opened at LaForet for the first time in 2011, this Taiko drum group began pounding away. It was an awesome moment. Check out our video of the Taiko drummers playing as LaForet opens on YouTube here.

Swagger Fukubukuro
Two guys with Swagger fukubukuro outside of LaForet.

Harajuku Fukubukuro Girl
Here’s a cute girl showing off her purchase from LaForet.

Listen Flavor & Super Lovers Fukubukuro
Lovers Rock & Listen Flavor shoppers near LaForet Harajuku.

Forever 21 Harajuku Fukubukuro
Forever 21 fukubukuro.

Spinns Harajuku Fukubukuro
Spinns Harajuku fukubukuro.

Hysteric Glamour Fukubukuro
The line for Hysteric Glamour mystery bags.

Abahouse Fukubukuro
Fun Abahouse sales girl.

Aigle Fukubukuro
Aigle fukubukuro.

Spinbox Fukubukuro
Spinbox Fukubukuro.

Hiromichi Fukubukuro
Hiromichi fukubukuro.

Gas Fukubukuro
A funny sale window at Gas Harajuku.

Override Fukubukuro
Too cute Override sales girl with a megaphone & fukubukuro.

Override Fukubukuro
Override hat shop fukubukuro.

WEGO Fukubukuro
WEGO fukubukuro.

WEGO Harajuku
Big New Year sales at WEGO Harajuku.

Edwin Fukubukuro
Edwin lucky bags.

Uniqlo New Year Sale
A sale at UT (Uniqlo T-shirt shop) in Harajuku.

Harajuku Happy Bag
May 2011 bring you great joy and happiness!

Mystic Fukubukuro
Mystic Fukubukuro.

Kastane Fukubukuro
Kastane fukubukuro.

Collect Point New Year Sale
Collect Point New Year Sale.

Graniph Fukubukuro
Graniph fukubukuro.

Paul Smith New Year Sale
Paul Smith says, “Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011.”

Royal Flash Fukubukuro
Awesome Royal Flash fukubukuro girl.

Royal Flash Sale

Urban Research Fukubukuro
Urban Research fukubukuro.

Tokyo Fukubukuro
Random Lucky Bags!

As Know As Fukubukuro
As Happy As – the happy bags from Japanese fashion brand As Know As.

Nesta Brand Fukubukuro
Cute girl with Nesta Brand fukubukuro. Please note that for this report, we treated all of Cat Street and all of Meiji Dori on the Harajuku side of Cat Street as Harajuku, even though some of it is technically Shibuya.

Gemini Fukubukuro
Cute Gemini fukubukuro.

Bonne Chance Fukubukuro
Bonne Chance fukubukuro.

291295 Homme Fukubukuro
291295 Homme fukubukuro.

Jiji Cayhane Fukubukuro
Jiji Cayhane fukubukuro.

W Closet Fukubukuro
One lonely W Closet lucky bag.

Inhabitant Fukubukuro
Lots and lots of Inhabitant fukubukuro.

Top to Top Fukubukuro
Top to Top shoe store fukubukuro.

Adidas Fukubukuro
Adidas fukubukuro bags.

Kakaku Store Fukubukuro
Kakaku Store by HP France fukubukuro.

True Religion Fukubukuro
True Religion fukubukuro buckets. We saw several brands with lucky buckets instead of lucky bags this year!

Jack Rose Fukubukuro
Jack Rose gyaru-o fukubukuro.

Formengirl Fukubukuro
Formengirl fukubukuro.

Harajuku Fukubukuro
These lucky bags say that they have three shoes inside. I hope they mean three pairs of shoes! :-)

Harajuku Fukubukuro
10,000 yen worth of something for 1,400 yen. Act now, this offer will not last.

Stussy & Undefeated New Year Sales
Lots of people at the Stussy or Undefeated New Year’s sale.

GGD Fukubukuro
Happy shop staff offering up GGD happy bags.

WOMB Fukubukuro
Colorful WOMB fukubukuro.

Aeropostale Fukubukuro
Aeropostale fukubukuro.

Romantic Standard Fukubukuro
Romantic Standard fukubukuro.

Romantic Standard Lucky Bags
Mori Girl lucky bags?

Upstart Fukubukuro
Upstart fukubukuro.

Culture Medium Fukubukuro
Bright red Culture Medium fukubukuro.

Lad Musician Sale
Lots of people waiting to get in to the LAD Musician New Year’s sale.

Harajuku Lucky Bags
Can’t remember the name of this shop, but it’s definitely in Harajuku somewhere.

Candy Stripper New Year Sale
The famous Candy Stripper shop on Cat Street is having a New Year’s Sale.

Cute Harajuku Shoppers
Two super cute New Year’s sale shoppers showing off their fukubukuro. Hers is from Candy Stripper (which you can see behind them in the photo), whlie his is from Swagger.

X-Girl & Milkfed New Year Sale
X-Girl & Milkfed New Year’s sales.

Masterwork Fukubukuro
Masterwork fukubukuro.

Happy John Fukubukuro
Happy John fukubukuro on Cat Street.

Sevens Fukubukuro
Sevens fukubukuro. This shop is cheap to start with. Who knows what kind of crazy bargains you get during a sale!?

Cute 6%DOKIDOKI Girl
This cute and colorful girl is holding a 6%DOKIDOKI shopping bag!

X-Large Guys in Harajuku
Three guys, three X-Large shopping bags for New Year’s. These guys were so friendly! :-)

Nile Perch & Monomania Girls
Four cool Japanese girls shopping on Cat Street – one with a Nile Perch bag, another with Monomania!

CoCoLuLu Guys
Two guys with bags from CoCoLuLu taking a break from shopping.

Cotton Candy Guy in Harajuku
This guy is carrying a bag from Cotton Candy / Daybreak.

Baby Soul Fukubukuro
A purple Baby Soul fukubukuro.

Vital New Year Sale
New Year’s bargains down every alley!

Freak's Store Fukubukuro
Freak’s Store 2011 Happy Box – 10,500 yen.

Code Headwear Fukubukuro
Code Headwear hats fukubukuro.

Harajuku Happy Bags
Cute year of the rabbit sign on these lucky bags.

H.Naoto New Year's Sale
H.Naoto is having a sale, but their fukubukuro probably sold out like 10 seconds after the doors opened.

Polcadot Fukubukuro
Polcadot has a hat lucky bag, too.

Neighborhood & Supreme New Year Shoppers
A sale line in front of the famous Neighborhood/Supreme building.

FUGA Fukubukuro
FUGA fukubukuro – another fashion brand popular with Gyaru-o.

Radd Lounge Fukubukuro
Radd Lounge fukubukuro.

Rescue Squad Fukubukuro
Rescue Squad fukubukuro. I wonder if there are bags inside of the bags. It hurts my head.

Yellow 96 Fukubukuro
Yellow 96 fukubukuro.

Rojo Fukubukuro
Amazing girls buying lucky bags at Rojo Harajuku.

The Virgin Mary New Year Sale
Dolly Kei’s love The Virgin Mary resale shop. I didn’t see any fukubukuro, but they are having a New Year’s Sale.

Rude Gallery New Year's Shoppers
Lots of people waiting to get into Rude Gallery for their sale.

Santastic Sale
Santastic Sale!

Mocha Fukubukuro
Lucky bags outside of Mocha on Cat Street. This is where we’ll end our Harajuku fukubukuro report. Hope you had fun – and hope you can join the lines next year in person! :-)

Remember, you can click any of the photos to see them bigger.

If you enjoyed these photos, don’t miss our 2011 Takeshita Dori Fukubukuro pictures and Shibuya 109 Fukubukuro & Sales pictures as well.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank you! this is what i looking forward to seeing at the beginning of every year. I wish I could get a lucky bag.

  2. thanks! these post are so awesome and I get seriously jealous! it looks like so much fun!

  3. It ‘literally’ started with a bang? As in, there was actually a sound?

  4. tokyo

    Sora – they launched the sale with the Taiko drummers. That was supposed to be linked to the YouTube video of the drumming. Updated now! :-)

  5. wow, I can really lost my head and enjoy every bits of the wallet burning experience. Should opt for the end year shopping visit rather than sakura watching next time I’m in Harajuku. Excellent pics.

  6. totally lined up outside laforet at 4am for the sale but it was worth it it was really intense.

  7. Love the pictures~~!

    The guy in the “Sevens fukubukuro” picture has the same expression as the alien, lolol~

  8. First of all, thank you for your hard work, so that we can enjoy the pictures. I really can’t wait to visit one day (maybe next year) Japan/Tokyo :)

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