Tokyo Street Fashion Photos

In Tokyo, there are so many different fashion styles, cultures, and subcultures that it’s hard for even the most devoted fashion freak to keep up. Each season those styles change, subcultures come and go, brands are born and die. If you aren’t located in Japan, how can you possibly stay on top of what’s going on? We have a simple answer to that question… Fashion photos from the streets of Tokyo – lots of them.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of magazines devoted to Tokyo street and fashion photography. But magazines are published once a week or once a month. In a fast moving fashion mecca like Tokyo, trends may be gone by the time you read about them. So, we at Tokyo Fashion are here to keep you updated on what’s happening on the streets every day. Check back often to see the latest trends and trend-busters in Harajuku, Shibuya, and beyond.

Recent Tokyo Street Fashion Photos...

Shinjuku & others

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  • Japanese Street Style w/ Faux Fur Coat, Lingerie Top, Vintage Plaid Shorts & Dr. Martens Mary Janes
  • Vintage Tokyo Street Style w/ 1920s L.L.Bean Coat, 1960s Lee & 1980s Vivienne Westwood
  • Dark Minimalist Japanese Street Style w/ Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus, Y-3 & Handmade Items
  • Colorful Remake Tokyo Street Style w/ Jeremy Scott, Demonia & Kinji Harajuku
  • Japanese Fashion Student in Vintage Mixed Prints Street Style w/ Bubbles Tokyo & Vivienne Westwood
  • Artism Market Tokyo #4 - 50+ Pictures
  • Hi-top Fade, Gold Chains & 1980s Hip Hop-inspired Street Style
  • Silver Issey Miyake Suit & Comme des Garcons Monochrome Look in Tokyo
  • Comme des Garcons Bomber Jacket w/ Nozomi Ishiguro & Toga in Tokyo
  • Sretsis Unicorn Skeletons Dress vs Grimoire Vintage & Angel Nail Art
  • Colorful Bangs Hairstyle, Leather Jacket, Sheer Skirt & Button Bag

Most Popular Recent Street Snaps

  • Blonde Braids, Bodycon, Striped Socks & Doll Head Platforms in Harajuku
  • QissQill Designer w/ Lilac Hair, Winged Belt, Harness, Mask & Yin-Yang Bag in Harajuku
  • Gingham Dress, Panda Purse, Pom Pom Earrings & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku
  • Colorful Harajuku Decora Fashion w/ 6%DokiDoki, Mikazuki Momoko & Panda
  • Harajuku Fairy Idols w/ Cute Hair, 6%DOKIDOKI, Milklim & Dazzlin
  • Green Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Looney Tunes Jersey, Sheer Skirt & Pastel Eye Makeup
  • Red Yukata & Geta Sandals w/ Pill Earrings & Round Bag in Harajuku
  • Vision Street Wear x Jouetie Top, Pink-Purple Hair & Dinosaur Backpack in Harajuku
  • All Black Fashion, Black Lipstick & Chain Platform Creepers in Harajuku
  • Dog Harajuku Disney Villains Jeans, Fig & Viper & Gold YRU Platforms
  • Shironuri Minori in Harajuku w/ Blue & Red Eye Makeup, Lace & Vintage Items
  • Pameo Pose Sweatshirt, Fjallraven Kanken Backpack & Tokyo Bopper Platforms

Flickr Street Snaps

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  • Harajuku Bicycle
  • Robot RX-78, Harajuku
  • Hirari Ikeda in a Bonnet
  • Shibuya Girls in Animal Hats
  • Harajuku Kids - Goth & Cute
  • Toxic Star Bag in Harajuku
  • Gothic Harajuku Style
  • Kanai in Harajuku
  • Harajuku Goth Guy
  • h.Naoto Bag in Harajuku
  • Japanese Gyaru in Halloween Costumes